And yet another rendering attempt at the 2012 BMW 6 Series

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Our close friends Jon Sibal puts his skills to use one again and creates a new 2012 BMW 6 Series rendering for the U.S. magazine, …

Our close friends Jon Sibal puts his skills to use one again and creates a new 2012 BMW 6 Series rendering for the U.S. magazine, LeftLaneNews. Despite some of the initial rumors, the new 2012 BMW 6 Series will not be a twin-brother to the highly acclaimed and much missed CS Concept. Most of the design cues from CS will make their way into the 6 Series GT, a new model joining the family.

LeftLaneNews reports that the new 6er will feature a V10 M engine, but our source contradict the statement. The high-end car will continue to use the V8 twin-turbo engine seen in other BMW models, while the M6 variant will most likely take on a modified powerplant unit from X5M/X6M.

This new rendering shows BMW’s likely application of crisp new lines across the hood, along with a matching crease down the side profile. These new lines follow the same design language found on the recently revealed 5-Series sedan and to be seen on future bimmers as well.

F136seriesLLN 655x491

The next 6-series coupe and convertible will be radically different from the current cars’ styling. The current 6 Series is very polarizing due to the “Bangle butt” it carries, but the redesigned 6er, is rumored to be a “super sleek” vehicle, as seen in these latest spy shots as well.

The 2011 6 Series is slightly longer and wider than the current generation and as illustrated here as well, it will sport more aggressive lines and a muscular look.

The interior design has also been re-drawn from ground up and it is being said to reflect some of the design cues seen in the Z4 Roadster, so expect a very driver oriented dashboard and plenty of sporty elements.

Engine wise, the new 6 Series will feature a combination of diesel and petrol offerings. The high-end diesel model will be the 640d, powered by the N57 turbocharged straight-6 common rail diesel engine outputting 306 horsepower.

The 650i will be the highest offering powered by the 4.4 liter V8 Twin-turbo engine.

19 responses to “And yet another rendering attempt at the 2012 BMW 6 Series”

  1. lennardt says:

    exept the front and hofmeisterbend it doesn’t like a bmw to me

  2. Sincai says:

    I wonder what engine will the 650d get?

  3. Vaybach Khan says:

    the headlights are very close to original…and im not sure would i like those underheadlight turning makes headlights too big..

  4. X5SoB says:

    See, I like this better than the previously shown rendering, it’s too bad that this too is not reality…

  5. Billy says:

    there are better renderings showing the new headlight.
    Oh, and BMW probably isn’t going to put an eyelid on the 6er, it would be pointless since the turn signal is on the bottom.

  6. viper says:

    this sixer looks great

  7. Roger1 says:

    This is by far the ugliest rendering I’ve ever seen. But worse than ugly, it’s poorly done – you can easily see the current 6 beneath it, but with some lame changes like those headlights or the nevergoingtobeproduced (thank god) front bumper. Jon Sibal must be brave to put his name on that – not going to be good for business or credibility…

    • jonsibal says:

      Although I don’t mind you liking this rendering, I have to state the fact that there was not a single 6 series image I used in this speculative rendering.

      Here is the base image I used to create this rendering:

      This spy picture was used to make sure the proportion was correct as well as hood and door cut lines. You can see also the bumper opening already exposed in that shot. Headlights with the integrated turn signal on the bottom was based from the video of the F12 that was posted recently.

      Most of the details I’ve added on were all studied from they spy pictures and information gathered from BMW insiders. The car is still heavily covered up and this is what I could do with the info available. But like I always believe, if the actual car looks better than the rendering, then we all win.

  8. Doug says:

    Looks like they modified the existing 6 to do this. Thus it looks to me the way a six “should” (to me), and not the one in the previous article.

  9. X7 says:

    hell yeah!!!!!

  10. alex says:

    pu this into production and it’ll kick Maserati’s ass, hard!

  11. brandon says:

    what is that a honda accord?

  12. BMfan says:

    ertainly a beautiful car. jonsibal always does a fantastic rendering but the closest and most amazing is d x6m which he ‘foresaw’ and it turned out almost exactly if not perfectly.

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