Audi RS5 vs. BMW M3 – The War Rages On

BMW M3, Featured Posts | February 21st, 2010 by 124
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The horsepower war took a bit of a hiatus for a few months after Audi’s B7 platform RS4 went out of production and the debut …

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The horsepower war took a bit of a hiatus for a few months after Audi’s B7 platform RS4 went out of production and the debut of the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG – both in 2008 and both to do battle directly with the king of the hill: the BMW M3.

However, Audi is back and packing quite a weapon in their arsenal – a powerful coupe of RS caliber. The all-new 2011 RS5 has finally broken cover after much speculation as to what exactly Audi would put into play in the battle between the mid-size, mini-supercar realm. The M3, for an all-round package has managed to keep atop of the list of these mid-size powerhouses over the last few years by providing the most complete package between handling, power, and luxury accouterments.

Audi is out the change the game, of course, with the new RS5. So, let’s take a look at the specifications that have been taken from the “accidentally leaked” brochure of the upcoming Ingolstadt warrior. The wide-bodied two door is anticipated to sport a modified version of the V8 of the now defunct RS4. So, the car will be powered by a 4.2L V8 pushing out approximately 450HP – a full 30HP over the B7 RS4 and the V8 model of the R8 sportscar – coincidentally, about 30 horsepower over the 4.0L V8 of the M3.

bmw m3 audi rs5 1 655x210

This boosted power figure, in part, has been created by the two enormous air boxes sitting just behind the front air dam. In terms of a redline, the RS5 runs out of juice at 8,200 RPMs and is regulated by a dual clutch transmission with 7 forward gears. Rumor has it that the RS5 will not have the option for a traditional 6-speed manual – though this has yet to be confirmed.

The war is on, but will there be a winner takes it all? We’ll find out more after the first test drives.

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124 responses to “Audi RS5 vs. BMW M3 – The War Rages On”

  1. Jordan says:

    “about 30 horsepower over the 4.2L V8 of the M3” …. should be a 4.0L

    It’s really hard to say what’s gonna be better… the audi is definitely gonna have more power and audi is putting a lot of tech into it, however, the price of the RS5 will be significantly higher than the M3. I wouldn’t be surprised if the hp of the RS5 is higher than 450. the M3 will most likely be lighter which would give it the advantage in the corners… but how much lighter is the question.

    • lennardt says:

      m3 has already some years on the way and i think its still the better car. audi looks nice, too, but i hate these leds and singleframe grill..

      • Clivo says:

        Bmw looks outdated in comparison with the new audi.

        • Johnny Africa says:

          HI Clivo….. u remind me of the schooldays, some used to speak nice english with terminology but the problem was that they didnt understand the content. Audi looks good on the outside but in terms of perfomance BMW is the best. ask yourself y Audi discontinued there so called RS4!

    • Jason says:

      I think the M3 will out handle it, while the RS4 will be more of a straight line car. Granted I’m biased…although I do wish, I didn’t need to use my subscription as often.

  2. Babak says:

    The audi design looks VERY nice. Not nicer than the M3, but I’d say more aggressive. As Jordan said though, it’s probably going to be more expensive than the M3. I also like the fact that Audi is sticking with a high revving engine.

  3. Zack says:

    I’d choose the M3.

    The RS5 has 30 hp more, but it’s also heavier.
    And the M3 is better on the track and is more fun to drive.
    RWD > AWD
    Just like the 335i beat the S5 on the track.

  4. Arthuro says:

    i choose m3,

    p.s. to Rs5,i dont like manual gears, mainly cause of being stuck in traffic, instead i would take an R8, checkmate….

  5. badger says:

    Audi has a nice car, but like what others said before, it’ll be more expensive than the M3. Anyways, compare the m3 to the audi and the M3 already looks more nimble.

  6. Andrew says:

    I think the RS5 will provide a more compelling case against the M3 than the C63 or IS-F as Audi better focuses their sports cars on handling AND power. However, the problem will, in my opinion, end up with the price. The B7 RS4 came out around the time the E46 M3 was leaving production – thus the RS4 was able to handily outdo an E46 M3 though at a much higher price point.

    With the B8 RS5 – this will be Audi’s answer to the E92 M3 but again – probably at a higher pricing point. If I had to venture a guess – it will be in the low $70k range but coming nearly fully-optioned. My guess is the extra HP and torque-vectoring of the Audi will also make it a competent car in the corners. My guess is the M3 will get the edge but it is going to be very close.

  7. John says:

    What’s all the whining about the price? these cars don’t cost a dime in the States anyway. If you wanna drive cheap, get a Kia! I would love a CSL of this M3! all the unnecessary weight stripped off and pure power!

    Love the styling of the M3 way more! The rear end of the Audi looks like a Kia!

  8. John says:

    Please no more double tweets with a different link to the same article. looking on mobile

  9. Daniel H ( aka :p ) says:

    I wish the RS 4 and 5 will be sold in the US

  10. Bryce says:

    I like the front of the M3 and the rear of the RS5. If I was looking at both of these cars for the first time then I would definitely choose the BMW. However, right now the rear of the Audi looks fresh and more aggressive. As for driving, nothing drives like a BMW.

  11. joe says:

    this is what i ve been waiting for a long time, because i always believed that audi is a true copetitor against BMW. RS5 is gona put alot of pressure on the M division. the only way for M engineers is make M3 beyond perfect.

  12. XC says:

    Don’t like the Audi design, is a little over the top, and I wouldn’t buy it jsut because of that. It sure looks menacing but is not really, say, classy. And I don’t like either both the front grille and leds. Besides, when I first saw the A5 in person I really thought its proportions aren’t right. As a first impression never fades, I think the same about this new car. It looks somehow ‘fat’. I’d take an M3 anyday, again….

  13. FANBOYS says:

    how about some “interior pics” battle???!!! LoL! 3 series has got to have the ugliest interior of all bmw

    • XC says:

      I don’t know how old are you, but I rather like the much more elegant layout of BMW’s cockpit. Audi’s interior, full of buttons a little lights, look like right out of a spaceship, something I would have liked when I was a teenager. Besides I don’t know why Audi’s leather looks and feel like vinyl. I hate that feeling. Guess those guys at Audi have never got what ‘haptics’ are, something BMW has been researching for decades now. (Vive la petite difference!)

      Here is a link in case you don’t know what I’m talking about:

    • Jordan says:

      have u seen the 1 series?.. it’s the ugliest interior of BMW

      ya the current 3 series isn’t the nicest interior but have u seen where BMW is going with their interiors lately? check out the 7 series, 5 series GT and the 5 series…. you really need to sit in it to “feel” it, pictures only give a tease. i sat in the 7 series and it is fantastic! the quality of materials is top notch! id say nothing from mercedes or audi touches it. and from pictures, i like the 5 series interior more. it is elegant, the lines flow very well and blend nicely from the doors to the dash area. the lighting is great. the leather choice is great. i really like the new interiors BMW is making…. and i sure am not a fan of the current 1 series interior and i do agree with most ppl that the 3 series interior is slightly bland.

      the new mercedes interiors look way too boxy to me… similar to a subaru. audis interiors are nice in their own respect, but it seems all too gadgety to me.

  14. bmwm6 says:

    AWD has no interest to me at all

  15. A# says:

    I will take both please. If I had to pic RS4 for pure beauty.

  16. A# says:

    only ppl w/an IQ 120 n over are able to figure this out. If: 2 + 3 = 10, 7 + 2 = 63, 6 + 5 = 66, 8 + 4 = 96. Then: 9 + 7 = ???

    • Josh B says:

      And both cars are amazing but the M3 has what the Audi doesnt….Heratige.
      The M3 is iconic and the current model doesnt disapoint in either performance, looks or luxury. Its truely an enthusiasts car. In the looks dep i would opt for the Audi just but if i where choosong between the two i wouldnt blink and go straight for the M3

    • Jordan says:

      that’s a bit tough…. however doing a quick google search will tell u the answer right away, so u can’t really say someone is smart if they got the answer :P

      • A# says:

        You’re right Jordan its a fun little puzzle and most people would not do the Google search off pure ego alone. I saw it on face book, of course this can not be used to some up some ones intelligence but it was fun. I did it in 5 minutes and I suck at math.

    • rav3n says:

      9 + 7 = 144
      took me about 20mins. to figure that out (believe it or not I didn’t google it or more like I can’t use google at work)

    • Jonhy says:

      It’s not about IQ it’s about sense of numbers…

      In a country like USA, where massive people don’t give a shit about math, it looks to be hard.

      I’m sure I don’t have a high IQ as Ive seen other people with high IQ, and I can figure that out in 2 minutes without a calculator…

      This test claiming “only pple w/an IQ 120 n over”, is merely a hyped bullshitting floating around on the internet…

    • Anthony123 says:

      The answer is 144. You add the first two numbers and the multiply the result by the first number of the equation.
      2+3=5. 5×2=107+2=9. 9×7=636+5=11. 11×6=668+4=12. 12×8=969+7=16. 16×9=144.

      • Anthony123 says:

        Sorry, the numbers came all messed up after I hit ‘post’. For some reason my spaces disappeared between certain numbers.

  17. Giom says:

    It must suck to be Audi. Cause they know that in a few years there will be a new M3. Not that BMW is out to better Ingolstad, they’re just doing what they’ve been doing for three decades with this niche section. So, even if they release the RS4 ahead of M3, they’re still catching up. Which brings warm feelings to my heart:)

  18. kg says:

    It’s really hard to put either of these car down. Both are gorgeous and both are top of their class in design and performance. To go and throw malicious remarks at the Audi is ridiculous.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      I agree, both cars are beautiful in their own way and this is not a winners takes it all game.

      • A# says:

        This H.B. Is a wise young Chap.

        • Horatiu B. says:

          It’s the truth, competition is good, even for BMW, it pushes them to accomplish even better things. And this whole game goes in circle. The RS5 might have the spotlight for about 2 yrs, then the new M3 comes out and shines. So on and so forth. The newest car to the market always has an advantage, learning from its competitors and getting all the launch marketing buzz.

  19. BMW X6 says:

    Lol. What a joke. Voting on BMW vs Audi on BMW-fan page :D It’s like asking mother if she loves her baby or neighbor baby more . I love all german cars and I hate when people are “only BMW’ or “only Audi” or “only MB”. Relax. I’m driving X6 and A8 so i can be objective. I love X6 for its external look. I love cars that have soul and are unique, other cars are just utilities to move from A to B. What i really don’t like about my X6 is interior. Why BMW can’t change its interior. Indicators in front of my face are like from XX-century. Why can’t they put LCD there, which is so convenient. All information is in front of my sight. Driving directions, media currently playing, textual information etc… That’s in fact the only thing i don’t like BMW. Quattro vs RWD ?- i guess it’s what you like. But in case of coupe – 1. Audi exterior is way nicer, sexier, more respecetful. I always loved 3coupe exterior until they released A5. 2. Audi interior is again much ahead of BMW in terms of design and ergonomy. 3. I would need to drive RS5 to compare to M3 which i really enjoyed to drive. And again, please don’t be like “I love BMW so i hate Audi”. It’s like completely not mature thinking.

    • Jordan says:

      i think your assessment is off a bit…. a full 1/3 of the voters that visit this “BMW-fan page” voted for the RS5!! im not surprised the M3 won, however, 34% voting for the RS5 is quite significant.

      i don’t hate any german auto manufacturer…. but i sure do like BMW! :) ….and Porsche

      • JVC says:

        The fact that this poll is in the BMW blog automatically classifies it as biassed. The fact that Audi has more than 30% of the votes HERE is more than significant but nothing can be concluded other than this.

        It is also dumb to claim that Audi is chasing BMW because BMW will release the next version before Audi. This stupid analogy is similar to what came first, the chicken or the egg. STOP with the biases and focus on facts.

        IMO, the RS5 is a gorgeous car with modern design and more than enough performance and standard options to beat the M3 (not to mention destroy it in any inclement weather). The M3 design is dated, similar to th 911. It seems designers have run out of options.

        • Jordan says:

          I agree with your first two paragraphs.

          as for the third… i do agree the RS5 is very nice and wouldn’t be surprised if it narrowly beats the M3. but if history is any tell, the next M3 will beat this RS5. so who is really chasing who?

          I’d say both are chasing each other. they’re both releasing at predicted schedules, however they are staggered. it’s competition and they’re both competing against each other. BMW has even officially said that audi is their main competition.

          lastly, i really don’t know what made you say the M3 design is dated, similar to the 911. all the generations of M3 have looked SIGNIFICANTLY different than their previous generation…. which is not the case with the 911.

      • Jonhy says:

        That means there are 34% rational consumer visiting this page lol.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      I have a feeling the poll will end up with 50-50 votes split. Don’t assume that everyone is a fanboy, most of us are car lovers and appreciate beauty and performance, regardless of the brand. I, personally, said it many times that I am big fan of the Audi R8.

      Some of us might also come from an Audi or Mercedes background, so that allow us to vote objectively.

      • BMW X6 says:

        Yes guys, that is a good sign that readers are not only one-sided. Respect. Competition is always good, it will lead to research and improvements for both sides.

    • viper says:

      BMW X6…I really respect ur opinion ..really deep down thats exactly what I think.always. but I just enjoy to screw with these fanboys here , they are such kids and morons you wont find anywhere.

      • wazon8 says:

        And that was said by the biggest moron here. Sorry for vulgar word, but you’re startong to cross my line. Remember that you talk mostly craps without providing any arguments and relying only on your imagination, loosely tied with reality.

  20. Andrei M says:

    It’s the BMWBLOG , so i guess alot of people who read this and post comments here ( also vote ) are mainly BMW fans, more or less. That said , i think BMW will win this poll , as always on this blog :D

  21. efoza says:

    Best way to compare BMW with Audi (that is if you really have to) is to buy both and drive them for about 6 months. The you wil realise why BMW remains the top German car maker.

    Don’t get me wrong; Audi makes good cars and in many respects their cars are now better than Benz. HOWEVER, the remain way behind BMW in all respects.

  22. Lboogy says:


  23. viper says:

    did you see the audi from the back?
    in terms of design audi is in clear lead…ok , it beats bmw by thousand miles and is light years ahead. hail audi.
    audi will beat the m3 in all aspects no doubt at all , but some doubt since this is fanblog
    by the way I miss blblablaken and his iconic posts on this one.

  24. wazon8 says:

    RS5 is havier about 100kg than M3 e92 and it will make a noticable difference when it comes to the track performance; difference in favour of M3. Audi create however a great car and it’s good to see that they’ve chosen N/A engine. But one thing that is really bad IMO, is that Audi still continues a design framework which leads to make their cars so similar to each other since 2004 Audi A4 appeared and – unfortunately – RS5 is no exception. Anyway, BMW M3 gained a great rival, can’t wait to see comparisions of both cars.

  25. Artmic says:

    The price of the Audi takes it out of the game for me, why pay more for something AWD, and which isn’t as fun to drive, (Ok so i drove the S5, and it wasn’t that much fun).

  26. MiguelBM says:

    In terms of design i like alot the BMW front, but i think the RS5 is very atractive, it looks volume and i like it.
    Also i like more the rear of the Audi, but the engine and the all outer mecanical objects are so much good in comparation with the Audi.
    I would like to see a m5 with the rear end of the Audi but with some design elements of BMW.

  27. Steenbra says:

    Bla Bla Bla price this price that! Take a look at the 335i vs S5 track shoothout. Audi knew they had to step up to put on the same green as the M3, and they did! They have more horses, the quattro system and a great looking car. But will it beat the Beemer around the track? I prefer the Beemer any day… Different strokes for different folks. When Audi release their third generation RS5 I’d look at it from another perspective. BIG difference being the boss or wanting to be the boss!

  28. FANBOYS says:


  29. Von Katz says:

    On this blog site we had the TT RS vs the M3 right! TT RS kicked its behind on the 0-62mph….by 0.6 of a second. Varoius factors about weight, quattro drive system and of course the fact that a TT should be compared to the Z4 rather the M3 turned that discussion into a whole other debate… Here I think the M3 has to do with its true competitor, besides price and design/production date. Steenbra, I agree that different strokes are for different folks, but my vote here goes to the Audi. Until the next M3…..

    • XC says:

      I don’t know, maybe it0s me but I wouldn’t switch brands just like that, because the new kid has nicer looks… I rather wait patiently to the next M3.

  30. viper says:

    u will wait another 3-4 years son , by that time u will lose ur hot insane interest in bmw…u will flow with the benz in about 4 years..when u grow up son

  31. Chadwick says:

    All depends on what you want in a car. I have driven all sorts of cars in my 26 years on this planet and every time I drive a BMW I remember why I love em. My second time owning a BMW. I just ordered a 2011 335is over the i or the M, just cuz I love the straight six, the 335is is newly resurrected model which will be a novelty and wont last long, dual turbo, 7 speed double clutch. The only reason I would have gone with the 335i is that N55 engine. I love the M’s but I just didn’t want a big V8. I just went to the deanship today finalize everything and took a 335i sedan and coupe out for a drive, and even though its not an M – its been years since I have driven a BMW – I remembered why I love driving a BMW the way the seats felt, the steering while while driving, acceleration, the way it pulls back when you let go of the gas, all other cars in its class are pale in comparison. When I was out driving it …..was fun again, joy….sheer joy.

  32. Kushtrim says:

    I want to see Audi without turbos against BMW
    Audi without turbo is a piece of shit!!..

  33. Andreas says:

    look of the interior of 2011 audi a8. Magic.

    Also we want a supercharged audi r8 v10!!!

  34. BMWandAudi says:



    Way too damn easy!

    I believe in the M-power. Bmw set their own benchmarks and they break those benchmarks over and over again. To be top in your class, other brands must try and keep up with you…AUDI is trying.

  35. rolren says:

    Audi RS5 has a 4.2 litre V8 which is unfair to compare it with the 4.0 litre V8 of BMW. But anyway and despite those 30bhp, the BMW M3 must win. I’ve all seen lots of previous comparisons between Audi RS4 and BMW M3 (E46). The BMW M3 was more sharp, faster, and more beautiful in any way.

    P.S. Anyway as someone mentioned here, the current BMW E92 M3 is already 2-years older than the Audi RS5… in case…

    • Luyandza says:

      It will always be my feeling that Audi si trying to catch up to BMW. Case in point The S4 was realesd more or less the same time as the E46 M3 it falied dismally not forgeting the C32 as well. Despite both having more power than the M3. The history of all these marques prior to this also tells that BMW couldnt be touched. The RS4 was launched when The E46 M3 was on its way out to create the hype that AUDI had arrived. But BMW proved to AUDI that in this neck of the woods they cant be touched by realesing the E92 M3 which has almost similar in output to RS4 but slightly less powerful in terms of torque AND BEAT THEM. oh and the MB C63 could win on power only as well. Now back to the subject at hand If BMW chose to realese Smilarily powered vehicle as RS5 around the same time as its launch with an updated design…NEED I CONTINUE!

  36. Doug says:

    So what happened to the supercharged V6?

  37. jorge says:


  38. Arthur says:

    M3 is better because of having a convertiable version.
    audi is safer and its rear view is a bit nicer. In a drag race they are the same, but in a drift and on track BMW wins the race

  39. bmwfan says:

    top gear done a review of the audi rs5 in the end the person said he wouldnt buy one he will rather choose an m3.

  40. salut a tous , non mais franchement ya pas photo la bmw m3 et plus belle et la conduite d une bmw et exeptionnelle la grosse différebce entre une audi et une bmw c est que la audi tu la conduit et la bmw tu la pilote la puissance ne correspond pas a la traction et les 4 roues motrice d1 coupé , grand fideles de la propulsion vive bmw its the best cars in the world

  41. cebuano says:

    People in this forum are so insecure. I don’t see Audi’s forum compare BMW and Audi head to head. Of course BMW always wins in your votes. What a bunch of losers.

    • XC says:

      Yeah, well, Audi’s forums don’t compare BMW and Audi head to head because it would be something like a marketing suicide lol. The truth is that Audi doesn’t have a ‘bunch of losers’ (ie enthusiasts) as loyal as BMW fans are. Sorry.

      • Jonhy says:

        While I think that brand loyalty is merely the composition of stupidity and personal preferences.

        Having owned both BMW and Audi, I found there are more childish BMW owner like XC floating around, who thought they have some kind of dignity, originality, or enthusiastics being a BMW owner. What a childish pride…

        • XC says:

          Really? Do whatever you want pal. Every person has the right to like or dislike whatever he or she wants. But any self respecting car enthusiast knows EXACTLY were BMW stand in automotive history. Is that childish? Hardly. Childish is insulting somebody just because he or she likes something, whatever it is. Keep your comments if you don’t have anything positive to say.

  42. siva says:

    AUDI RS5 is more stylish than BMW m3.according to the performance RS5 is little better than M3

  43. manou says:

    moi j’ame les voiture bmw je domonde de vous envoyer moi des photos de cette marque

  44. YIMMA2k5 says:

    I mean Audi looks like it wants to market its cars to the older, white collared, doctor lawyer type guys and I have no problem with that because, this debate is one hard debate to sort out. I believe, Audi is for people who have the itch on their backs worrying about safety, and comfort while maintaining the performance part of sports cars as for BMW, there is a ongoing tradition where nothing beats performance and statistics, and pure engineering. So that is why I own a 2006 330i sport package. Could you imagine if I got an 06 a4? Plus, NO AUDI lover should be bragging about a S5 vs. 335i debate. why should a S badge car run against a regular 3 series? it should be S5 vs. M3 and Rs5 vs. M3 ZCP competition package. ///M POWER. (the looks are a bonus. It’s all about what’s under the hood)

  45. OOOOand///M says:

    @YIMMA2K5…..If you were really an enthusiast, you’d really know that the ‘S” is just a moniker or designation just like 335 vs (S5) as opposed to 328 vs (A5), compare stats and releases….///M3 (vs) OOOO-RS5!!!!……M3 CSL’s ZCP’s are fact. mods. i own both makes (’04 M3 + ’08 RS4) so lets play fair.

  46. YIMMA2k5 says:

    OOOOand///M no one really has to be an enthusiast to discover what an S is. TRUST me all my friends fathers own S5’s and S4 convertibles but, I just bought my 2006 330i and I have to say, Audi’s S5 might be eye candy but for the power of the dollar getting a BMW is the way to go. I mean from an A5 compared to 3 series, you’d really have to be getting the 3.2 a5 to pass the BMW b/c anything lower then the 3.2 which is the top of the line model, you’d be underpowered. the base 2.0T forms only 211BHP. compared to the 328i or xi, thats 230bhp! For the looks of that AUDI a5/s5 i personally think that car should be EXCLUSIVE like the M3.I think it should only be S5 because, the beauty of the car deserves that precisely tuned v8 and nothing else. No v6 bull, no 211, only the beastly 350bhp

  47. Donna Bogger says:

    Look at the new M5 people….Audi style LED lights in the bumper….uh oh copying great Audi design…..XC, no need to respond, i wouldnt want to ruffle your feathers with the truth….

    • v1p3r says:

      The new M5’s front bumper hasn’t even been revealed yet. And daytime running lights were on BMWs in the form of Angel Eyes or corona rings before Audi’s LED strips. FAIL.

  48. tweer says:

    Why react as if you actually care, no one gives a shit,even bmw and audi

  49. Donna Blogger says:

    HAHA yes the new M5 (its a BMW blog and you havent seen it yet???) has been unveiled and it has LED strips in the front bumper just like Audi. Who mentioned corona rings or angel eyes? im talking LED strips in the front bumper. Get your facts straight . FAIL TO YOU!

  50. AceMcLoud says:

    Initially the A5-Design looked nice, but it wore off quickly. Today the A5 just looks fat imho. The M3 is pure elegance, almost delicate compared to the RS5.

  51. Jonhy says:

    Red don’t do justice on neither car. Let’s compare them both in WHITE :)

  52. bmw m3 e92 says:

    the bmw is the best car in its category. the rs5 maybe have more power but the m3 is lighter and i guess that the m3 will give the power signoficantly better than the rs5

  53. neroosh says:

    BMW has made it clear that it’s in fierce competition with audi… the m3 is clearly avoiding the s4. when audi changed the s4 from v8 to v6 to compete the m3 then the m3 was changed to v8 to avoid the competition. they’re both outstanding cars in their own league but i give the nod to audi for design and style and for boldly stepping up to compete m3 which is avoiding competition.

    • 1Mc says:

      BMW does as it pleases with the M3, and Audi trail around behind it playing catch up. This isn’t chess, it’s dog and bone. They still haven’t worked out what it is about the M3 that makes it not just an amazing piece of engineering, which Audi can also do, but an icon and a thrill to drive.

      Pity the soul that buys an S4 over an M3.

      • Jonhy says:

        Ah oh, the first paragraph of your comment i’d give it a whatever you say as that was your own opinion.

        But the last paragraph, i would say it’s full of faeces…

  54. lorezo says:

    ordinata oggi la BESTIA AUDI!! sono stra-felice……cerchi titanio da 20′ bianco interni in carbonio….e scarico da urlooooo…arriverà a gennaio 2011 mi ha detto il concessionario

  55. tomtom says:

    I have driven both these cars and the Audi by far is a better car. You have to be a jack ass like all these losers that responded in favor of the M3 to not see the huge advantage in power and refinement that audi has over the M3. Audi has proven this in the DTM series . Where is BMW…………..

  56. Johnny Africa says:

    Hi guys, i hav a lot of respect for both MB and Audi but lets accept that Beemer is the best in its own league! how can A change to B? it is impossible! to you TOMTOM:
    1. MB is Classy n we all know that…. based on comfortability
    2. Audi its stylish with thier beautiful designs
    3. at BMW they dont build cars, they build emotions…… based on the beauty of engineering and performance……. and what Audi does well BMW do it Brilliantly.

  57. Johnny Africa says:

    In South Africa
    BMW E36= Dolphin
    BMW E46= G-String
    BMW E90= Anaconda

  58. Andy says:

    At this time, the “Audi RS 5 is noticeably faster”. This is based on actual track data:

  59. lory says:

    ho comprato a gennaio lAUDI RS%…ho messo anche l’impianto scarico sportivo. CREDETEMI è UNA BOMBA. A FORTE DEI MARMI SI GIRANO TUTTi. ciao a tuttiiii

  60. shane says:

    I think the Bmw  m3 has mock  Audi RS5. The  BMW M3 has always been the best  sport car.

    • Johnny says:

      LMAO why does everyone say that? Have you driven both cars? The RS5 is a better track car as it has posted times faster than the M3 numerous times. Yes the BMW m3 has also posted faster times and its arguable that the result of which car would be faster on which track depends on the layout of the track. Tight turns and transitional sections would favour the m3 due to its incredible light weight and balance, but tracks with slow turns such as hairpins and 90 degree turns will favour the rs5 because its exit speed is simply too much for the RWD m3 to match. Yes i am an Audi follower, however i always look at things with an intelligent onlook and will always consider both sides before  making some preposterous claim fuelled by my “fanboy-ish” nature like the lot of you are doing. 

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