Photo Comparison: 2010 BMW 7 Series vs. 2010 Audi A8

7-series | December 1st, 2009 by 144
7 series vs audi a8 side front 750x500

The moment has come, Audi has just revealed their latest A8 model and we’re ready to publish our photo comparison. When the new 7 Series …

The moment has come, Audi has just revealed their latest A8 model and we’re ready to publish our photo comparison. When the new 7 Series launched in 2007, many people were suggesting that a comparison against the current A8 bodystyle might not be entirely fair and the new 7 Series would need to be put against the future A8.

Fair enough and here we are today ready to compare them side-by-side. Sure, some of you might say that our readers are biased, after all, you are on a website that lives and breathes BMW, but it has been proven in the past that we’re able to maintain an objective point of view, along with you, our readers.

We are going to show you both cars from different angles and we tried to choose similar shots, so a balance can be maintaned. We also stayed away from the beautiful M package on the 7 Series since there is no similar package released yet by Audi.

7 series vs audi a8 side2 654x230

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144 responses to “Photo Comparison: 2010 BMW 7 Series vs. 2010 Audi A8”

  1. michael says:

    Audi had such a chance to create a bold statement with the A8… the led running lights are probably a standout. But it just looks like an enlarged A4.

    • Jordan says:

      lol at the poll results…

      ya i’d say this is kind of a fail for audi. it’s just another one of their cookie cutter cars. and those LEDs, IMO, look horrible. what kind of shape is that?! did they run out of ways to have a strip of LEDs integrated in their headlights?… i think so!

      • Horatiu B. says:

        I don’t expect the Audi to win on a BMW news website, but I hope everyone is voting based on simply the design rather than the passion for and only BMW :)

        I would be the first to admit when an Audi looks great and the R8 really does. I don’t mind the S5 either.

        But the 7 Series is king, no matter what everyone says.

  2. Phong Vt says:

    Too much LED in Audi nowaday, from the Q5, Q7 to A8 …
    I’ll always take the 2010 7-er over this, BMW FTW!!

  3. badger says:

    well of course you can draw lots of
    similarities to the A4 but still lots of small designs that make it different.
    The Audi has the looks, but BMW has the driving experience.

    • Simba says:

      Disagree with you – The front lights are wierd! Those LEDs are like women\s make up – rather gay if a guy is driving an Audi! Rear is ugly with terrible light design. Interior is nothing special with a cheap flimsy pop up screen

  4. Mr. H says:

    The old A8 was so beautiful. I’d only have one in my garage if I won it or it was given to me, but I certainly enjoyed seeing them on the roads. But this new one … it’s a bloated Toyota Avalon. It’s simply hideous. This has to be the ugliest Audi since the Q7

  5. Bryce says:

    Can we get an A6 vs. F10 5-series next!? Why not add in an A4 vs. 3-series comparison and see if the readers think BMW wins them all. I really like this comparison, it’s nice to see a BMW side-by-side with the competition. The only thing that would be nice would be some engine/performance comparisons, but other than that I really like seeing a side-by-side comparison like this. Thanks.

  6. Bryce says:

    Note: I know it’s just a photo comparison and not a total comparison so that’s why engine/performance numbers were left out. I was just talking about something extremely brief.

  7. Bryce says:

    Gotcha. Thanks Horatiu.

  8. BMW Sales says:

    I see way too much of the last-gen A6 when I look at the new A8 (from the front and side angled shots) and too much A4 at the rear end. They had such a great potential with this new car…..if I was an Audi buyer, I would take a last-gen A8 over this new one.

  9. Joe says:

    Thanks for this comparison. The A8 is such a let down. I had big hopes for Audi with their latest releases for A4 and A5 being such huge hits. Guess its tough to constantly compete with BMW and others.

  10. Windtalker says:

    Sorry, I have to disagree with badger…..
    By judging the above photos. I find some designs on bmw is better than audi…

    1. Front
    I think Audi paid too much attention on A8’s headlight. It’s not bad, but comparing to the rest of the front… Not much detailing. I particularly find the fog lamp is a bit odd…. Most of the lines on A8’s front is straight, but the designer put a round fog lamp in the bumper….. seem out of place!

    2. Back
    The rear of A8 is simple…. a bit too simple. You can’t find much details until the rear lights are on….. Beside, it’s too much A4 look alike. I guess people will find hard to distinct it with A4 on the street immediately. It’s not good for luxury car.

    3. Side
    I think it’s the worst part for Audi… the lines on the car are too low with relatively big windows. It makes the A8 looks very long and sitting compartment very high. No lighting on the side, so it’s a bit dull. The new A8 has to have a big wheel in order to look sporty

    Not mention too much on new 7 here, but I have to say the new 7’s side profite is prefect! Very sporty and powerful!!

    Driving Experience
    I am a bit worry for the new 7. I’m sure it drives well, but it’s much heavier than A8 across the range. This may be A8’s advange!! However, still in the early stage. We need to see how A8 preforms when it on sell.

  11. badger says:

    yes. Bmw does have more detail in designs.
    Whenever i see the new 7er standing by itself i think . Wow…amazing.But Compared to the S Class and this new A8, the 7 is too box-ish. Sure its part of their sporty character but its still just too boxy in my opinion.

    • KidrauhlM5 says:

      Exactly!! I know the 7er is a bit boxy but Top Gear says that the 7er drives better than the S63 AMG. And clocked the fastest time around the TG Track faster than the S63. The new A8 is way, way off the design but I like the interior. Maybe we have to wait for the price, performance and test drive also a head to head competition with the 7er and the S63 AMG ;)

  12. Ray says:

    I usually am a fan of Audi’s head light design, and I thought the previous A8 really had a stately look. But looking at this…all I can say is that it doesn’t live up to the R8 or A5; it looks like they tried too hard on the head light design- be it the lens or the elements inside- and the proportions are still less than satisfactory, especially the excessive front overhang.

    For me, the 7er hands down has better proportions, and I think most of the details and design elements on the 7 are superior as well: a more meaningful stare, more handsome face, more muscular body…just far more presence overall.

  13. wazon8 says:

    Another “new” Audi that looks as if it was only facelift of previous model. This shape of grill, side line, roof line and back language design debuted in A4 B7 six years ago. It was nice, but it was so long time ago and right now it’s boring due to basing on the same design ideas. If someone is really conservarive and plays safe in business, it’s Audi for sure.

    I prefer 7-er all the way. Front of BMW is much more intersting and innovative, whereas shape of Audi’s headlight looks old. Perhaps because of majority of straight lines and angles close to right angles. Leds in Audi’s headights don’t fit to car of this segment IMO and are poor attemp to make old design to look fresh. 7-er has much more dynamic side and roof line. Back is more interesting eighter, since it’s something that you cannot find in other BMW. Contrary, A8’s back looks exactly like enlarged A4’s back. Interior is in favour of 7-er eighter. What is this glove box in center of dahboard (below screen) for? Hope that it’s something really important since it’s exposed so much! :D

  14. Giom says:

    I agree with most comments above, but I won’t call it hidious. Familliar, yes. Even boring and un-imaginative. Overall, big dissapointment, and I don’t think I’m being biased when I say that.

    There was a short time when I thought that no car could look better than the 3-series coupe. Well, the A5 is very close. I really love the way that car looks. But I can not say the same about the A8. There isn’t one view or aspect that I’d pick over the 7, not one!

  15. Max says:

    OMG! haha Looks like Audi have f****d up their A8!

  16. ayam says:

    There are not many design options for Audi’s front end styling with their huge grille. All new generation Audi’s ‘faces’ seem very similar to me.

  17. mark says:

    It’s undoubtedly a beautiful design but these daytime running lights Audi are sticking on all their cars look completely tacky in my opinion. At this level, luxury cars should be more reserved. Save the ‘bling’ for the brash sporty models.

  18. lennardt says:

    new a8 looks like the old one, exept those headlights :-D
    i hope it looks better in reality than on photo, because there will be probably a lot of them on the streets

  19. viper says:

    well its a bmwblog and of course everyone will prefer the 7er , but not me…I speak the truth here and here it is , the predictions and so far…
    A8 looks big and modern , kind of pumped up a4 , the front looks great , the rear looks like a4..the real deal is the interior , looks like enterprise ship , more advanced and beautiful in real sense than bmw 7….the center console and speedos and everything even the steering wheel look awesome..
    I think the 4,2 TDI with 350hp and massive 800Nm will crush bmw 740d or 745d if there is any that is..
    expect the V12 TDI with 500hp and 1000Nm later..this is no competition
    the A8 is quite big too , 5,14m long and 1,95 wide , the L version will be around 20cm longer which will make this the biggest A8 ever
    wheels from 17 to 21 zoll
    overall it has a bigger and more powerful and more modern appearance than 7er
    it will drive better too , or not (for bmwblog only) , we will see , the sales start in march next year , the prices start with 72.000 Euros for 3.0TDI….not sure about V12 6.0 FSI or TFSI the answer to 760 and S8 will come later , but Im sure they will come up with a new 6.0 with over 600hp to compete with the AMG 65

    • Jag says:

      tell me, diaper: who dumbed BMW down because “every BMW look similar” and then praise Audi for introducing an obese A4 with the name A8?

    • KidrauhlM5 says:

      Well it doesn’t look modern to me… Rather more dull and plain. I have to agree on the interior but still, I prefer the simple and elegant loooking BMW 7er.

      And I agree with you Jag, who first said that the 5er is a bastard child of 3er and 7er and now praising over the Audi for making a bigger in fact, very big Audi A4+A4=A8????

    • wazon8 says:

      Man, better think twice before you write something. First, BMW is the worst car maker because their cars are so similar, then Audi is great despite that previous and recent models look the same way and all line differ only in size. You contraditing yourself. Pathetic.

  20. Andrew says:

    I honestly expected a more radical, thought-out design by Audi for a flagship model. Nothing about the new A8 looks interesting or has much draw to it. It’s conservative with a capital “C”

  21. bogdan says:

    I am a BMW fan but I never liked the 7 series very much. I loved the previous A8. I think it was the best in it’s class. but now, with this new A8 I don’t. It really looks like a larger A4. and what is with that gear-changer lever? it looks like like a throttle from an fighter air plane. I’m verry dissapointed. I waited for this new A8 to be more beautiful than his predecessor. but it isn’t. so it seems that the winner between this two is….the AUDI A8 facelift 2008 :-). but I’ll vote for the 7 series :-)

  22. L1ndja says:

    I really looked to something more from audi and im very very happy for bmw which should be able to outclass it in most comparisons and the first one it wins is the Design inside/out its better as for the engines im sure the 750i vs 4.2FSI the 750i is a lot better
    740d vs 4.2tdi this one might be tricky cause the 4.2 is a v8 im sure but still i think the inline 6 will be better simply because of its power delivery which im sure will be better then a V8.
    730d vs 3.0tdi this one will be left so seen but im confident bmw will win most and as far as handling goes im also worried of this new Audi chassis but remain hopeful of bmw..
    Bmw Is King

  23. Uxel says:

    -1 for Audi. Although I’m a BMW fan, Audi had some great cars in the past like A5, A3 sportsback, Q5. But the new A8 is just boring to me. Imagine that car without LED front- and taillights. Still that modern? Don’t think so…
    But let’s wait for the driving dynamics to judge. So far… BMW +1

  24. Vaybach Khan says:

    well 7er eats a8s for breakfast…audi’s new a8 looks good only at design sketches..and they made total different car???? long wheel a4

  25. xcpac says:

    I remember when the then new Audi front grill was such a stunner. Now I think it’s gotten old. I don’t like Audi headlights either, they look way to sporty for a luxury car. This kind of car has to have a very good balance between sporty and stately. And then the BMW is sculptured like a work of art, they always have this intagible ‘idée’, something that, for the connaisseur, blows your mind; the Audi is just another car…

  26. xcpac says:

    By the way, Audi’s interiors are nicely designed, but overall BMW interiors give you a sense of upscale luxury. Besides, Audi’s leathers feels so… vinyl-like. And the roof liner is exactly like the ones found in Volkswagens…those details make the whole difference…

  27. The A8’s interior reminds me of my E90 3 Series without iDrive, while the concave-convex shape of the door lining looks like the one found in the 1 Series. Google the pictures and see for yourself.

  28. ferrarifan says:

    can we bash non-german cars instead? american maybe? haha both of these are hot. =)

  29. JohnF says:

    Call me crazy, but i Shockingly just got to noticed how AUDI Boot is a copy of the old BMW 7er, same like Mercedes Benz did with their S class Boot as they copied BMW Boot Hatch back, but to notice this you must look at the the links below to notice how the boot stands out but without craving real attention.
    This just proof’s once again that Chris Bangler ‘Hate it or Love it’ designer has a great influence towards modern car design, and those who claim to hate it tend to not get around copying it. Not the first time i have seen Mercedes and Audi Copied his Design language, just look at the Audi Q7.

    If any disagree with what i have noticed than looks like i just got more eyes for Chris Bangler Design than most of ya!

  30. Giom says:

    Ok fellas, cool it. Lets give the A8 credit where it’s due…. It does make the 7 look even more upper class, don’t it! The more I look at the A8, the more I’m in disbelief about it’s looks. It’s like, it’s not finished. They ran out of time and quickly put the car together. And I’m not even being bashfull. This is what I really perceive.


  31. Lariv says:

    I think the exterior of the BMW is better but the interior of the Audi is outstanding and much better than that of the BMW 7 Series.

  32. Babken says:

    There’s no car in the top luxury segment that can match BMW 7 Series in any aspect. Neither a8 nor s class nor anything else. BMW 7 Series is the top of the mountain that mercedes and audi strive to reach but they never will.

  33. lboogy says:

    Well, I would say as far as styling Audi has it but when it comes to pure driving pleasure, BMW owns it no doubt but when that S8 comes than we gonna have to compare the almighty 760li twin turbo! UH OH!!!!!

  34. Commentator says:

    My two cents:
    BMW is the ultimate driving machine. A drivers car that provides pleasure and joy to the owner.
    When Audi however is much more like a practical object that gets your from point A to point B in comfort. And the Quattro is an essential when living colder climate with the chance of snow and ice on the roads. ( I have no idea about the xDrive quality on the 7 series.)
    The new look is truly a disappointment I was hoping for a much better looking car. They said it was said to look aggressive and masculine but this looks like nerdy guy with glasses. So big let down from Audi :(

    • Giom says:

      FYI, BMW sells more 4×4 cars than Audi. Now, I’m not sure wether this is world wide, or just in Europe… maybe someone can shed some light into this…?

      • Commentator says:

        I think it’s more about quality than quantity. But I wont argue you on the point that BMW sells more that is probably true. Audis constant all-wheel drive is just better in the harsher cold climate I would suppose than that of the BMW’s electronic xDrive. But still I maybe wrong haven’t had the chance to test and compare myself. If someone has please give your input.

  35. Kodey says:

    I really liked the old A8, I liked it so much it was above the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7series always was, and will always be the King in this segment. The new A8 is just a super fat A4, look at the taillights for example, Same as the new A4. The LED light design is a give or take, but idk kinda hoped they would bring some new designs to the table.

  36. badger says:

    i agree with commentator
    Bmw is the drivers car.
    Audi on the other hand gets you from place to place. less drving pleasure.
    but it gets the job done.

  37. Gord says:

    Eeek !

    Both cars are restrained and conservative.

    The Audi is nice and stately, but I still like the 7er better.

  38. The new A8’s interior is amazing and I will admit it is better than the new 7 series interior. However the exterior looks bland and boring, And the headlights look like their designers tried too hard.

    So for now its tied lol, i’ll have to reserve final judgment on the new A8 until we find out what engines are available for it and how it drives.

  39. p.wong says:

    lol, after all the bragging and all the “gangster” advertising they did, that is all AUDI came up with ? pathetic, even though i agree that it is not ugly but too safe, audi went all out dissing other car makers across the board and boasting about what they can do and now THIS…i dont know how the car drives but it better be sportiing wings by the ush of a button or turn itself into a 7 series lol. The only advantage i gave them over bmw was the interior but have you seen the z4’s, 7’s an dnow 5’s interiors come on…it looks like they only paid attention to the led lights, horrendous man, horrendous man.

  40. xcpac says:

    I really think that the A8s interior is really cool, but it simply doesn`t belong to this car. It is something like a jet fighter cockpit, which is not what the intended consumer of this car wants. On the other hand BMWs cockpit is more ‘adequate’ so to speak. Both cars are good, quality german cars, just remember that 7 series is Rolls Royce worthiness in atlete’s tracksuits.

  41. Chocho says:

    The new A8 looks like an over-sized A4. That being said, the interior seems more inviting then ther 7 series. Audi always have great interiors, and this A8 is no exception. However, I do prefer the 7 series exterior look.

  42. :p says:

    I wonder if the new A8 can match the 7 series in performance and style

  43. Babken says:

    There’s no brand in the world that can match BMW.

  44. Giom says:

    I really like the sevens’ interior more. It’s not cluttered up like the A8, it’s more clean and elegant. Also, the sevens’ instruments and switch gear seem more high tech, but with a sence of quality. It’s a really great place to be!

    • Jordan says:

      I agree. i think the Audi’s nav system just looks too aftermarket, the 7’s is nicely integrated into the dash. i wouldn’t call the 7’s interior perfect, there are a few things i like better in the Audi.. i like it’s steering wheels better (obvs with the BMW logo in the center tho :P ), i like their sloping center console, haven’t made my mind up about the gear shifter, seems to be mimicking a jet’s thrust levers. id say the BMW has the best air vents and instrument cluster hands down, and i do like their “meaty” center console buttons.

      just thinking… the main thing i don’t like about the BMW’s steering wheel is the center part is pushed out and on the Audi’s it’s pushed in which seems to portray a sportier image…

  45. KidrauhlM5 says:

    Owh… I just noticed something, look at the A8’s gear knob. Looks like a Golf Putter!! By looking again in the BMW, look at the steering wheel, there is a silver plate says ”BMW Individual”… That’s super sweet!!

  46. Mauro Corti says:

    Look how many comments :)

    Well I think the best lookin rear is the A8’s one, but at the front there’s no game, 7er is is stunning compared to the boring and already-seen-in-all-models a8 styling. The interior of the 7 series looks more luxurious to me, maybe that’s because I hate wood trims and audi is full of it

  47. viper says:

    audi looks better , its a fact , the interior is all futuristic not conservative and old like 7 series , the S class is the king , the car of cars , bmw second

  48. viper says:

    correction bmw is third…my bad sorry

    • wazon8 says:

      We all know, BMW is perhaps worse than Hyundai or something else. Everything about BMW: design, handling, engines, transmissions, suspension, technology, electronics and whatever else one can think is worse than poor when compared with rosty king Mercedes or VW in disguise named Audi. We understood what you want to say to us. Do you have any other information for us? If answer is positive, just let us know what this crap is. After the iteration of procedure of informing us, when you reached the point, where you can only repeat yourself (what actually happened), simply stop posting. What is the sense in repeating the same thing all the time? We got all your thoughts, we mostly disagree with them, so your mision is over, don’t you think? Or do you really need us to pretend that we love MB as much as you? Man, think about what you want to reach by posting here.

  49. Babken says:

    Gays like you are prohibited from this blog. This blog is for real men and noble people. Such rubbish like you must get out of here and go to the right blog for you: to the gayish mercedes blog.

  50. viper says:

    being gay is in , didnt u know , just how many of gays drive bmw…..and wanna be toughguys in gay disguise or reverse , I stoped being gay the moment I sold the 3 series to another gay toughguy…..Real Men Drive Benz..
    its a proven fact
    Mercedes Benz makes better cars
    in this case Audi made 7er look like yesterday , I was sitting in a 7 series as a driver , nothing exciting for me there , but in the back now that was a little bit better experience, bmw drivers are bored , they only like have a steering wheel a shifter a couple of knobs and thats it all that packed in one out of dated horrible design..even scales and numbers look out of dated , they need to change font of numbers put a little monitor make it more appealing like in Audi , everything looks so sexy in audi , dont get me wrong Benz is better (s class) , bmw hire a younger designer or borrow one from you know who.

  51. Commentator says:

    It is true that BMW has its flaws but so does Mercedes and also Audi. Nothings perfect. Whether its BMW shady reputation for being the car for “dumb” petrol heads (no offense meant towards anyone), Mercedes for old gray headed senior citizens or Russian mobsters depends on where you live. And Audi as the dullest of them all. So discreet and boring is it that it makes you want to yawn at the sight of it.

  52. :p says:

    Audi, MB, and BMW all look the same to me. They make performance luxury cars. They are models that look good and some that looks horrible. Viper, In the US, I mostly see MB driven by rich Asian Moms. BMW and Audi appeal to the younger drivers and those who want the best bang for the buck. Now I dont know much about how Europeans drive other than that you guys drive in the left side and we drive on the right and that Luxury cars here are sold cheaper in the EU. Next time you comment something and claim it is a fact, Prove it with evidence. I like all 3 brands but none are the king. Real men would rather go for a Chevrolet or ford SUV or truck cause they are big and powerful and can wreak any small vehicle. Im just saying that don’t crap on these 3 brands.

  53. xcpac says:

    Seeking manliness in your car…? Well, true ‘men’ drive what they want to drive, regardless what other people have to say or think. I chose BMWs because I love to drive, and these cars have provided me the best driving experiences in 20+ years of driving. I don’t feel connected at all with Audis, as beautiful as they are, they feel soulless somehow to me… and nothing in the MB lineup appeals to me either. Not so long time ago I used to drive a Mustang, and I still long for that car, even that I know they are prehistoric compared to BMWs. So enjoy life and stop seeing the mote in another’s eye and not the beam in one’s own. Wake up, nobody cares about what you drive, you are not that important…

  54. Ptrthrck says:

    The A8 does look better. Overall, I like the 7 sreies more.

  55. :p says:

    I wonder if we could put the new Taurus Sho into comparison since it is also a full size car like the 7 and A8. It can make 0-60 mph in 5 seconds with a 360hp V6, just as fast as the 750i. US cars may not be as luxurious as the Euro cars but it can sure race them.

  56. KidrauhlM5 says:

    Viper :

    What is up with you?? You don’t like BMW, get out of here. If you like Benz, go to Benz’s blog or Audi’s. Do not annoy us with you love of Benz and Audi here. And you are contradicting yourself.. How pathetic is that!! Clearly here in my eyes and mind you don’t like BMW. Why on earth you waste your time come here and just to say something like this?? I’ve told you 3 times already in 3 different posts. I am sick with this!! And why do you call Wazon8 ”wuzzy”?? Are you mad because someone call you ”diaper”?? Now open your eyes and think again..

  57. Babken says:

    I’m glad that you confessed that you’re a gay. It once again proves who drive mercedes: gays like you. You were driving a BMW 3 Series as far as I understood. Then you understood that noble car wasn’t for gays like you, and you switched off to a gayish mercedes. Fine, keep going, dirty gay… but not in this blog. Switch to the mercedes blog, a right place for you, gay. Good luck, condom driver of the gayish mercedes.

  58. Babken says:

    Don’t pay attention to what gay viper says. Gays’ opinions are important only for mercedes fanboys (sorry, fangays). What is important is the facts that speak in favour of BMW.
    I think that the person who bought the BMW 3 series from you made you and your gayish family lick the inderneath of his shoes just like the mercedes licks the underneath of BMW tires. So get out of this blog, you asshole-stretched gay!
    Every time I see your stupid and based-on-emptiness comments on this blog, I’ll make you feel humiliated in every possible way. Did you get it, son of a prostitute?

    • viper says:

      thanx dude , u really touched me , I pee on u , ok MB rules , we done? audi kicks bmws ass , ur bmw sucks , its a gay car , I was gay for owning bmw , thank God I got rid of that piece of shit

  59. Horatiu B. says:

    Ok, Viper, enough with the insults. I haven’t stepped in yet, but this is getting out of hand.

  60. :p says:

    Viper, how old are you. 50, 60. Even though what i am saying may not be true, I mostly seen older people driving Benz cars. I agree Benz made some very nice cars and some even better than BMW, but the 7 series combines Power and luxury for a smaller price than a comparable S class. Gays would rather buy something like a Japanese Hybrid with 80hp. BMW and Audi , at least in the states are for upper middle class (-me-) people who likes luxury and speed. Benz are mostly driven by retired or fat cat corporations who only care about Viper, comment something positive or neutral but don’t insult the German Car Industry.

    • viper says:

      I dont insult anyone , Im not the one who started this bullshit , if I say 7series look like crap next to A8 then thats my opinion and u should axcept it , whats wrong with u people. jokes aside I was never gay nor anything like that ever , but call me what u like , ..MB has alot of better cars than bmw , in my opinion , Im not 50 , Im in early 20s , I was into bmw when I had 18 , and u cant ignore me , u just cant because of what I say , I will keep on talking what I like and u ignore me , me 7 series will never be in S class league , new A8 looks better than 7er ,

      • :p says:

        Viper, this isn’t the only post you crapped on. U can say your opinion but don’t crap on BMW and its enthusiasts. If You say the S class is better than the 7, then say it, but don’t start saying that BMW is for Gays and all that. I personally think the C class can be better then BMW 3 if it wasn’t so underpowered. There that’s my opinion, it doesn’t offend anyone. Maybe you should do the same and not comment offensive stuff like this car is F***** up and all that.

  61. xcpac says:

    What? Are you trying to reason with this guy? Forget it.

  62. :p says:

    No I’m not reasoning, this is for a lot of people. Keep negative stuff to yourself. It doesn’t matter if you love or hate Audi, BMW, or Benz cars, comment if you are comparing them. people shouldn’t post hate comments and insults. Especially you Viper.

  63. :p says:

    I think the reason why Viper and keltz came here was because Benz and Audi blogging sites are rarely viewed and commented

  64. ovokinder says:

    I guess on the outside there’s no discussion about the 7 series being – by far – more elegant. Even though I don’t really like the L version (love the shorter though), it all seems perfectly proportional and in place.
    The audi is an A4 on steroids with the proportions all messed up. From the side, the wheels seem too far apart and yet, there’s this huge amount of car ahead of the front wheels and behind the back wheels. It just looks… wrong. I also hate the C pillar, but that’s a problem with all these recent new models from audi.

    The headlights, rubbish as they are on other models (in my humble opinion, a failed attempt to create something as unique as our dearly beloved angel eyes), are even worse on this one. They’re like yelling “I don’t belong here”.
    The rear of the car, well… I’m not gonna go there.

    Regarding the interiors, I disagree with most comments: audi does NOT have better looking interiors. Not to a *CAR* driver, anyway.
    When I (and I’m pretty sure many of you too) sit in a car, I like to feel I’m in a *CAR*.
    The A8 looks like Flight Simulator with all that crap. That screen popping out of nowhere really gives it a stylish (not!) aftermarket look…

    The interior should be as simple as it can be, while remaining functional. I mean, aren’t we supposed to be paying attention to the road/enjoying the feel of the car?

    The folks at audi are just so obsessed with technology that they sometimes forget the essence of a car: pleasure to the driver.
    Just take both brand’s mottos: “Ultimate driving machine/Sheer driving pleasure” vs “Progress through technology”… I’m sticking to the driving pleasure ;)

    • Ramon Juarez says:

      Your comment is one of the most accurate that’s in here!

      Audi is just bold, no class, no nothing! Even the S class is better! BMW does everything right and moves forward, Audi doesn’t! This is just like a facelift to the already hideous A8… it’s even worse.

      And….I feel happy that Audi exists for me to laugh!!!!!!

  65. Ramon Juarez says:

    One of the most ridiculous things of the Audi are the headlights. They are trying to create a signature on their design such as the angel eyes. MB will not do that and that is what keeps them head to head with BMW. Audi instead is trying to “copy” EVERY SINGLE MOVE BMW does. Look at the A5 sportback! It’s pathetic!

  66. Babken says:

    No automobile in the top-end luxury segment can come even close to the BMW 7 SERIES. It’s the absolute No 1. Who is the 2nd? Well, I don’t care at all.

  67. viper says:

    the nr1. is Mercedes S class bottom line , every single person here knows that , just dont want to admit it , YOU know it and I know it , 7 series is good , but never as good as the S class , its that simple

    • Jordan says:

      can we get rid of this troll please?

      • :p says:

        Jordan just leave him alone. Viper keep your oppinion to your self. I, myself think they are tied.

        “every single person here knows that , just dont want to admit it , YOU know it and I know it “.

        This is what I mean by offensive comments. Not everyone likes MB. I like it but most people in this blog don’t. like I said keep your oppinion neutral and don’t keep saying everyone loves MB. We all know that is not true.

        • viper says:

          and we all know that you are a big liar , just admit it…bmw comes in second , sometimes third place but what the hell hey its not that bad

  68. XC says:

    Why is this guy still posting?

  69. Redza says:

    BMW is the best car in the world esspecially 7 series…Audi is looking outdated….

  70. Redza says:

    stop blame the BMW car…BMW is no 1 luxury car in the world..Even mercedes s class cannot beat it…

  71. yadir says:

    my spanish AND THE AUDI IS VERY GOOD PERFOMANCE AND The beacons are the maximum thing

  72. j.bavarian says:

    Looks like the rear end was developed by Honda. Its terrible. Friends I have in the auto industry that work on Audi’s and BMW’s agree that Audi just cant seem to keep up with BMW.

  73. impaled says:

    ALWAYS the BMW!!!

    Audi is good enough but when a man has to choose, its always the BMW.

    i saw a comment about the Mercedes S class. It’s ok BUT they just can’t keep up :-)

  74. Jun Capino says:

    new A8 design trumps current 7 series….standard 4 wheel drive, alum body, state of the art electronics( some from BMW).. cahe still a bit of problem…

  75. cebuano says:

    BMW has become such a cliche, it’s time to move on people!

  76. Donna Bogger says:

    BMW looks like a fat kid who picks his nose too much – talk about engorged nostrils – looks like a fat pig. Audi is pure class!

  77. Donna Bogger says:

    Because BMW design is less aesthetically pleasing than Audi. BMW has toned down the ugliness (compare previous gen 7 series to the new one) but come on, its the ugly kid in the litter lined up against Quattroporte, A8 and the stunning new XJ. And to all the hypocrits on here that say the A8 is an enlarged A4 in design – have a look inside the 7….remind you of anything???? yes, cheap tacky 3-series enlarged! Enjoy your BMW when your hoodlining drops, your fan speed resistor goes, your leather goes hard and cracks, your painted plastic interior surfaces peel….the list goes on! wake up to yourselves!

  78. Donna Bogger says:

    oh, and the perfect example of BMW design….the new X1. If a fart could look like anything, it would be an X1 (ie it stinks)…..

  79. Donna Bogger says:

    At least its accurate not like most of the negative nonsense written about the looks of the A8. What i would really like to know is exactly what type of car the A8 design critics in this blog drive……..

  80. Donna Bogger says:

    and i dont just mean “BMW” i mean what model series and what year model….

    • Giom says:

      Why don’t you start by what you drive… and how is this of any relevance – you ARE on a BMW blog! What, do you want to convert us all to Audi? Why? MUST we all conform to your taste and opinions (the mentality of a pre-teen school person)?

      I’ve got a solution… there are other people that think like you do – over at audi blog, or what ever they’re called. If you don’t agree with the likes and dislikes of people here, say so, and move on.

      Who are you anyways? viper? PLEASE let this go!

      • XC says:

        Giom, don’t try to rationalize with this kiddo. Is just another case of audi-teen-low-self-steem trying to gain confidence by attacking whatever crosses in his/her path of preconceptions. I bet she (he?) can’t afford any premium-brand car. From my part, no more answering back to her (his?) posts.

  81. Donna Bogger says:

    HA! cant answer what type of cars you OWN! 318i drivers! OLD 318i drivers! oh and i note BMW is doing the light saber led lights on the new M5, and new 3-series – copying those “horrible” LED lights on Audi’s……oh and BMW are going front wheel drive too….what will you people have left to criticise about Audi and other products……

  82. Donna Bogger says:

    Oh and i dont own an Audi im just trying to balance out your silly one – sided hypocritical comments. Oh and I owned a BMW 330i sedan 2001 model from new for 3 years, and have since converted to an E-Class Mercedes….E320 2004 model to be precise in Elegance trim….that ok with you?

  83. Donna Bogger says:

    hey XC, is that short for “XC60” or “XC90”? Volvo driver?

    • kcsnyud says:

      Is yo name really “bogger?” Pretty nice, huh. This is the first and last post I’ll make on this blog:

      BMW is not for pigs. To me, their new design language gives it more presence. Audi, their old design language, i really liked. But what happened to the new one? They tried to modernize. And u have merc benz??? My mom has x5 3.0si really sporty and nice for a 260hp car, tell me why audi and merc is better, and thx

  84. Donna Bogger says:

    kcsnyud you said that was your first and last comment then made another one and invited me to answer a question in your first comment. Seems you dont know what your talking about. My car has a 3-pointed star on the bonnet. I win.

  85. Donna Bogger says:

    Oh, and x5 big nostrils…..looks like a nose picker too. I use the star on the bonnet of my Benz to line up BMWs prior to overtaking them

  86. Donna Bogger says:

    In fact, i think i overtook your mom the other day, she had her finger up her nose going for gold….looked a bit uncomfortable in the BMW bouncing around with that firm ride…..i must say i was coasting along beautifully in my Merc, very supple ride…..

  87. Mark says:

    The Audi Q7, Q5 suck, but they are SUV-s and Audi doesnt make good suv, compared to the Classy X5, and the sportive X6, but still All Audi Cars are better looking and their Engines have more KW per Cylinder…. take a good example of the M6 V10 Bitrubo engine it has 527 PS, while the Audi RS6 V10 Biturbo has 580 PS and is more fuel efficien on paper.

  88. Mark says:

    The Audi Q7, Q5 suck, but they are SUV-s and Audi doesnt make good suv, compared to the Classy X5, and the sportive X6, but still All Audi Cars are better looking and their Engines have more KW per Cylinder…. take a good example of the M6 V10 Bitrubo engine it has 527 PS, while the Audi RS6 V10 Biturbo has 580 PS and is more fuel efficient on paper(i dont know how much they spent on the road).

  89. OBEY says:

    Funny that the Audi nameplate is the best selling Luxury brand outside the US. I think that will continue in other markets at least. Audi has to increase the performance of their engines to compete in the U.S. Styling is a matter of preference.

  90. hakim says:

    merde looooooooool

  91. hakim says:

    j’ adore la audi a8

  92. Steve J says:

    BMW’s 7 Series continues to grow on me. The car has presence. It is clear the designers worked hard to come up with such a gem.

    Those who complain about the wider grill better go and measure those of the S Class and A8. They probably have a larger cross sectional area. People say that the BMW has too large a grill because they’re comparing it to older 7 series eg the e38.
    The wider grill on the current 7 is a bold statement and gives the car more personality and presence.

    If one looks at a titanium silver or milano beige f01 7 series, it resembles a lion that is about to pounce. It has an aura of strength and speed. Those headlights resemble the eyes of leonis panthera. I see confidence and determination.
    Darker colours such as sophisto grey brilliant effect and black saphire embue the 7 with a more agressive look. Perhaps a cheetah that has to sprint to catch its prey. It is amazing how a mere colour change, alters the mood.

    The front of the Audi A8 does not excite the emotions. It looks like a robot and this is aggravated by the headlights which look futuristic, but cold and unwelcoming. The previous A8 was aesthetically more pleasing.
    Audi designers had so many choices and yet they came up with a cold and ugly form that smacks of laziness. The overall shape of the car is not much different from the previous one. There were a thousand things they could have done with the grill to make it visually more stimulating. Instead they near enough stuck the previous one back again.
    They should replace their designers with people that appreciate beauty and not ugliness.
    The headlights are a disaster. Neither the shape nor the LEDs are pleasing. The 50 & 60 year olds that buy this type of car will be turned off by the cold, robotic appearance.

    The side view of the cars is interesting. The 7 looks athletic, flexible and keen to move. The Audi looks like a construction block! The overhangs are too much on the Audi. I can’t stand the rearmost side window that shapes the C pillar. It should reside within the door frame instead of outside. This has the effect of making the Audi seem to have too many windows.
    The external shape of the cabin is uninspiring and unathletic. It is an enclosure without design.

    The boot (trunk) both from the side and the rear looks like a box. It is as if the designers took too long a holiday wining and dining on past successes, then had to hurriedly stick something on the rear of the car to meet production deadlines. The tail-lights are passable but uninspirational on the Audi.

    The BMW’s back-lights also receive a passmark; yet it must be said that they are not as entertaining as the headlights. They need to be reworked to give a smoother more graceful effect.
    However, I would say that they are more vivid than the Audi’s. So as far as the exterior of the car, the BMW wins on all aspects. The Audi designers need to go back to the drawing board!

    The interior of the Audi is a much better effort and must have been accomplished by a different design team. I find it warm and inviting. The only downer is the pop up screen which is out of place. The BMW’s screen is better integrated but i still give the overall design of the interior to the Audi.

    I feel that the shifter on the 7 is not rugged enough and is too much like a joystick for a computer game. The 7 is a big car and it needs something more solid. The A8’s shifter fits the big sedan segment better. I wish it was fixed on the BMW because the one on the 7 is one big turnoff. Since there are no paddle shifters or manual transmission on the 7 you just can’t get away from it. Visually it looks misplaced. The interior of the 7 is not supposed to be a game console!

    In summary the BMW wins the victor ladorum because its exterior is a long way better than Audi. Whereas although Audi bests the 7 interiorly it is not by so wide a margin.

  93. Nicholas555 says:

    which is bigger in size????

  94. kada says:

    bmw is the best

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