BMW Performance Kit for Diesel models

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While not available for the U.S. market, we believe our European readers will enjoy to read about the latest BMW Performance Kit available for some …

While not available for the U.S. market, we believe our European readers will enjoy to read about the latest BMW Performance Kit available for some of the european diesel engines. The BMW 120d and 320d vehicles are getting a power boost thanks to this latest kit.

Both cars are powered by the N47 engine which in “standard” format produces 177 horsepower and 350Nm of torque. The Performance Kit gives the engine a 20 horsepower upgrade along with 40Nm of torque, for a total of 197 horsepower and 390Nm. Despite the power increase, BMW says that fuel consumption average remains unchanged.

The power kit for the N47 includes both software and hardware components, including a large intercooler and a particular powerful fan for the water-cooler. This upgrade brings the engine almost to the level of the X1 xDrive23d powerplant, a unit which ouputs 204 horsepower and 295 lb-ft(400Nm) of torque at 2,000 rpm.

bmw performance 655x252In addition to the BMW 320d with the power kit upgrade, a 135i Coupe with BMW Performance parts is also expected to be displayed at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. Photos and more information will be available next week.

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12 responses to “BMW Performance Kit for Diesel models”

  1. okeribok says:

    You can get the same or more power from a third party at probably a fourth of the price. I upgraded my e35 320td from 150hp to 189hp and 330Nm to 394Nm for €450,-
    Oh and if you *don’t* use the extra power, the fuel consumption will stay the same. The engine sounds different and can get more grunty.

    • jfmcleal says:

      The reason why you don’t end up using more fuel is because of the way the throttle map is remapped. With light pressure on the pedal you’re running into values on the ECU that have not been modified (of course you can change them too, but usually they are left untouched).

      The engine might sound different if there is some substantial change in the injection timings. This is far more noticeable in VW/AUDI/etc TDI engines. In the old TDI 110 you could make it sound like a broken cement mixer…

      • Lance says:

        Why would you spend over 2000euros just to upgrade the engine and put in all sorts of gadgets to boost power??? Tradein would not increase because of the performance package, rather keep the money on next vehicle! These performance kits are just money making schemes – a thin little carbon fibre roof spoiler for the hatch costs more than 1000euros!

  2. Frederico Silva says:

    Horatiu can you give some link to download this photos, with the perfomance kit?

  3. Vitric says:

    “While not available for the U.S. market”


  4. jfmcleal says:

    I am not sure if I’m following BMW’s logic on this one…

    I’ve had two N47 cars both with modified ECU’s running several files throughout the last 4 years (163hp model as well). Never had issues with water temp or intake temp. They never restricted the amount of power you could dial in with some extra fuel and turbo pressure. Intake temp should become an issue above 215-220hp.

    The main problem with modified N47 are exhaust gas temps (causing gasket leaks between the turbo and the EGT and between the header and engine block) and the oil temp when pushing hard.

    I’d say ditch the larger intercooler and radiator fans and install a bigger oil cooler and do something about those header and turbo gaskets… but what do I know.. they’re the ones building the damn things!!

  5. Frederico Silva says:

    Guys i founded a link of the photos, but thaks anyway ;)

  6. 123QP says:

    Why is it not going to available for the 123d???

  7. 123QP says:

    Why is it not going to be available for the 123d???

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