Autobild first to drive the BMW X6M

BMW X6 | December 17th, 2008 by 18

The respectable german auto magazine, Autobild, had the privilege to drive the new, unrevealed and not fully seen BMW X6M. I would say this is …

Autobild first to drive the BMW X6M

The respectable german auto magazine, Autobild, had the privilege to drive the new, unrevealed and not fully seen BMW X6M. I would say this is a little unexpected by BMW to offer the car for a test drive way before they officially present it….or even acknowledge it. 

But let’s not get stuck into technicalities and see what they have found out. Since it’s all in german, I used Google Translate to give us a better idea, it’s not perfect but it will do. 

Bottom line is that “the performance of the BMW X6M prototype is already overwhelming. The handling of vehicles continues benchmarks of this size, performance and the Biturbo of the eight-cylinder are sensational. We now look forward to the first ride in a series model. ”

Full translation here

Autobild first to drive the BMW X6M

Autobild first to drive the BMW X6M



  • Gragop

    @E92-TORONTO: Did what again? Make an abomination against what M Division supposedly stood for?

    I’m sure in market-ready guise this vehicle will be fast. However, aren’t test mules typically tuned much higher in terms of HP and torque than the production models have? Wasn’t the E60 M5 tuned to something like 550 to 600HP before being reeled back to 507HP for the production cars?

  • clara

    It’s hard to say what they meant about 550hp, it’s so weirdly translated: “That sounds like about 550 hp” is maybe speculation? Who knows. It’s Klecker, man, but Klotz!

  • Solrac_x81


    Porsche did the same with the cayenne and see how that turn out
    I think it will be the same with the X5M and the X6M

  • Matski

    I hope their guesstimate of 550hp turns out to be true, I think this beast will need every last little pony to drag it’s big ass round the ‘ring that fast!

    550hp from a Twin Turbo V8 is pretty good, I did like the idea of a Twin Turbo V10 more though…. give the V10 a decent send-off before the V10 E60/E63’s disappear.

    I’m not stunned about the idea of M SAV’s & SAC’s, but as long as it does out perform it’s rivals in terms of driving dynamics then it still holds the tradition of M, even if not the traditional philosophy and engineering… a 5000lb 4WD Turbo M car… ’tis indeed a strange new world!

  • Gragop


    Yeah and Porsche sold it’s soul to be the most profitable car company in the world. That tells me one thing: their focus is profits not performance cars. When, in the history of the car industry, has focusing on profits not come back to bite a manufacturer in the ass? Look at Ford with it’s 3,000 variations of the Mustang – trying to find new ways to keep sales up by producing assinine products.

  • Giom


    I believe the 3,000+ Mustang variants was a result of playing it safe. And the new one is no different. It’s the same looking thing. If they wanted Mustang to be what it once was, they shouldn’t have looked to the past, but to the future. And that’s what BMW does great. Sure it takes us longer to get to terms with it, but soon everybody follows.

    Look at all the car companies that didn’t ‘sell their soul’ for profits, they don’t exist anymore (or at least are owned by some foreign investors). The secret is balance. Porshe got it right, BMW got it right, to name just a few. All British makers got it wrong, most American companies got it wrong.

    I think we should lay off with the soul selling allegations and be thankfull there are still companies that build great cars while making a profit. The purist might never like it, but at least we might never see an Indian owner taking the reigns.

  • Solrac_x81

    I think your rigth and BMW is making the rigth moves

    btw the porsche cayenne Turbo S is a Kickass performer

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  • Joe

    I own and M5 and this would make an ultimate winter ride. WOOHOO!!

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  • Gragop

    The complete lack of BMW core in these vehicles makes me vomit in my mouth.

  • clara

    You should ask Hotatiu if you can do some editorials… they’d be amusing

  • clara

    Sorry Hotariu

  • Sam

    Will BMW Make X6 4.8. The current X6 4.4 is find by me but i need to know before i buy one if there will be X6 4.8 because the 4.8 is a full option with additional cost.

    Please inform me via email.

  • e92-toronto


    17.12.2008 POST DATE

  • frank daniels

    I love german cars I don’t care what anybody say. I’m getting the bmw x6m. I had the 525s before that was very fast and I know the the x6m will be very fast… go bmw

  • http://facebook bmw’s fan’s number 1

    I love BMW,MERCEDES-BENZ,AUDI and WV.Cultural practices I like German cars.
    They are the No. 1 fan of BMW, is my favorite car.
    Almost all my family has a BMW and especially my aunt makes them traffic.
    Although 11 years I know much about cars.