2009 BMW Z4: First Official Photo

BMW Z4 | December 4th, 2008 by 57
2009 bmw z4 2009 BMW Z4: First Official Photo

Once again, BMWBlog is coming through for their readers. From the official 2009 BMW Z4 catalog, here is a teaser photo with the new Z4. …

Once again, BMWBlog is coming through for their readers. From the official 2009 BMW Z4 catalog, here is a teaser photo with the new Z4. Yesterday, we saw the first real photo of the 09 Z4 at a BMW dealership and I mentioned that within days we will get more photos released.

I hope this new photo will answer some of the questions that you had after seeing the real life shot. My opinion: STUNNING!!

The car will be a great hit as long as the base price will not be set too high compared to its competitors.

Update: It has been confirmed, it is definitely the real deal. The car looks a little bit disproportionate due to the brochure scan.

2009 bmw z4 498x331 2009 BMW Z4: First Official Photo

Thanks for the photo Tizi!

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  • Frederico Silva

    i like it…very mutch, is better than i tought :D

  • Aaron

    Nice evolutionary replacement to the original Z4. Although, the headlights and taillights seem to have less character this time around.

  • miles


  • bmwduder

    Harotio this is a rendering dont be foolish

  • http://www.bmwblog.com Horatiu B.

    @bmwduder: It does look that way but I confirmed with somebody else and said it was the real deal. Hopefully I’m not wrong, but regardless, i couldn’t just hold on to it, I had to share it with everyone.

  • miles

    this is no rendering…the side panels correspond perfectly with the real photo. remember…our first pics of the 7 were from a brochure..

  • NoChance


    The car will be a great hit as long as the base price will not be set too high compared to its competitors”

    I hope the stealers will not charge a $20K to $40K market adjustment like they did with the M3

  • http://www.bmwblog.com Horatiu B.

    And confirmation:

    It’s the real deal … although the pic you posted is a bit disproportioned.
    W:H ratio is not right. It’s too horizontally stretched.

    Check the spy pics for the real proportions.

    Otherwise it’s a scan from promo brochure / leaflet. Not a CGI, PS, or a render …

    Also the headlights look very sleek – and definitely not too large.

    Eyebrow element in the headlights, combined with 35i titanium trim (kidney grille, air intake inserts) looks SOOOOOOOO AGGRESSIVE on a Black car. So predatory.

  • http://Shawn Shawn

    Shit, that’s really hot… Dammit, I was hoping this wouldn’t happen. Right when I’m seriously considering buying a Z4, they go and make a harder core new version… Thanks BMW.

  • roffle waffle

    HOLY SH*T. that looks amazing

  • roffle waffle

    @Horatiu B.: I don’t see a headlights shot..

  • Gragop

    looks pretty good. best bits of the 6er and the old Z4

  • http://www.bmwblog.com Horatiu B.

    @roffle waffle: It was a quote from someone that works for BMW

  • clara

    @roffle waffle:
    hey— roffle are you also on gizmodo?

    My comment: Generally nice, but the charger/boxster rear fenders are questionable.

    My question: What engine options?

  • roffle waffle

    @clara: yeah, but I only posted there once or twice, literally

  • roffle waffle

    Horatiu, any news on weight?

  • http://www.bmwblog.com Horatiu B.

    @roffle waffle: No news on the weight, but I’ll ask :)

  • matthew

    looks exactly z3ish to me with bigger proportions adn updated style.
    z4 first gen was a good car and still is (especially the coupe) but this 1 looks a return to the past and cant wait to see the real front pic, i mean a good one, this car will look amazing

  • http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/298517/2009-bmw_z4.jpg IQ

    Hey guys, I made some adjustments on Photoshop to improve colors and dimensions of the car, please take a look here (@bmwblog.com – you may post this picture, if you want):


  • JJ in WNY

    i’m happiest that bmw finally got rid of that awkward rocker-panel “dip” that was on the old Z4… now if they can only remove it from the 1-series!!! anyone else w/ me???

  • Lee

    Wow… That looks really, really damn good. Hmmm… New Z4 + TT I6 + 6 speed. Sign me up.

  • bunker

    too bad we’re not getting the horizontally “stretched” version that is shown in the picture, ’cause the stance of that sucker is BAD ASS. now all I need is a Z4 and a funhouse mirror…
    I do like how they cleaned up the rear end of the car though.

  • http://www.automotiveaddicts.com Malcolm

    The image is a bit distorted but we can really make out as to what direction BMW is headed in with the design cues. Looks like a copped up 6 and 7 series together. Should be pretty awesome!

  • http://www.bmwblog.com Horatiu B.

    @roffle waffle: I was told that weight has not increased by much, I will have some figures early next week.

  • roffle waffle

    awesome, thanks! My z4 3.0 weighs around 3000# with the sparco seats, so I’d hate to upgrade to a 3500# boat

  • mpower

    wow !
    BMW does it AGAIN !!!
    love the look

  • bmw7er

    the tail lights remind me of the vw schirroco, and i dont like the ugly anntena on the side. other then this – love it!

  • http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/298517/2009-bmw_z4.jpg iq

    Photoshopped (I hope this image works well):

  • http://www.bmwblog.com Horatiu B.
  • Lawrence

    ?…Its better looking than I thought but to be honest, I was expecting a little more curves so it could have a more sexual appearence to it. BMW is a good car manufacturer but they need to concentrate more on exterior design, But again nice!

  • Sam

    I love it!

  • Mike
  • http://bmwallseries.blogspot.com JDM

    I just not into Z3 or Z4 type of BMW enthusiast , I luv M3, M5 or M6.

    2009 BMW Concept

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