WOW….Now that’s a cool looking X6

3-Series | October 16th, 2008 by 27
bmw x6 austria6 WOW....Now thats a cool looking X6

Thanks to a tip from Jurgen, I’m going to show you one of the sexiest, hottest and most amazing BMW X6 I have seen so …

Thanks to a tip from Jurgen, I’m going to show you one of the sexiest, hottest and most amazing BMW X6 I have seen so far. We all know by now that the X6 is an equally loved and hated bimmer. For ten people that are totally in love with the X6’s design, I can find another ten, that simply hate it and don’t see the purpose of it.

But let’s not get into the “hatorade” issue tonight and let’s focus on what Jurgen has sent us, photos of a BMW X6 in a blackish, dark grey color. The Sport Activity Coupe was spotted in a garage in Austria and the color looks simply “hawt”, like Miss Paris Hilton would say.

The black wheels complete the already perfect image and it leaves me wondering if this is a customer job or….yes, it has to be a customer job, since I have not seen a color remotely close to this one, in none of the BMW catalogs.

Do you dig it? Let’s see a photoshop of this color on other models, X1 for example. Any takers?

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bmw x6 austria3 498x331 WOW....Now thats a cool looking X6

bmw x6 austria6 498x360 WOW....Now thats a cool looking X6

  • Gil

    Is that a matte finish? Looks…. evil…. (in a good way)

  • ferenckovacs

    That’s really cool. It would be good if this color can be ordered via BMW.

  • JakeC

    Looks like it belongs on the set of the new Batman film. Like a dark matte finish.

    – J

  • Amr Maranello

    That’s Cooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  • Gragop


    apparently you’ve got very careful, specific cleaning policies for how you’ve gotta clean a matte black car. womp womp!

  • Lee

    I’m not typically an X6 fan…

    But that thing looks vicious.

    Needs darker window tint, though. The whole “blacked out” thing just doesn’t work with crystal clear windows IMO.

  • Horatiu B.

    Batman would be jealous :)

  • Taylor

    Interesting to see more cars coming out in Matte Black, (yes I know this one is photoshopped). I’m not sure I like the matte yet, it seems unfinished to me

  • Marc

    It is a “foil”. It is done on a lot of cars in the middle east and I think in California somewhere.
    I have seen a matte gold R35 (
    CF white weave on an Mclaren SLR (

  • Ch0pSh0p

    It may just be a prototype. If it is, it will be matte black to conceal the contours of the car. Just think about all the spy pics you have seen of cars.

  • Jonny Tsunami

    Expensive car, Expensive flat black paint job, and dude can’t even park the shit straight.

  • miles

    i want that.. so badly.. :D

  • Aaron

    I’ve loved matte black paint jobs on cars for the longest time, but never had the guts to do it to my own car. That X6 does look very sweet in it too

  • John Piss

    Parked like a true BMW owner.

  • Jordan

    Wow!… that’s so awesome. I first saw a matte black job on a Ferrari F430 and then a 599 and a Rolls Royce, even a Mercedes G and they ALL look awesome. I’m looking at getting my E46 328i painted matte black and I talk to a friend yesterday who owns a paint shop and can do it for a good deal. Then this article pops up today. Crazy!

  • Horatiu B.

    @John Piss: hahahahha you guys are brutal, but so true

  • Horatiu B.

    @Taylor: I don’t think it’s photoshoped

  • Taylor

    @Horatiu B.
    As I reread the post your likely right. The author was just saying if anyone wanted to photoshop some different colors, not that this one was photoshopped

  • Joshua

    I think it looks great!!!

  • Andri Kyrychok

    If it’s not shopped then it’s a custom job. I do not believe BMW is producing cars in Matte Black.

  • Jordan

    @Andri Kyrychok

    There are a lot of custom paint shops and I know quite a few that do matte black paint jobs. This was most likely done at one of them. And pretty much every car I’ve seen with matte black looked awesome… even a Mercedes G-Class.

  • Tibi

    heh, custom made painjob

  • Luxury Asset Lending

    I don’t like matte finish but this is an exception – it is cool