What to do if your BMW Extended Warranty has expired

Car Tips | September 1st, 2008 by 69
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Guide on how to choose BMW Extended Warranty. FREE BMW WARRANTY QUOTES from Carchex I have to admit: us, the bimmer owners are spoiled when …

Guide on how to choose BMW Extended Warranty. FREE BMW WARRANTY QUOTES from Carchex

I have to admit: us, the bimmer owners are spoiled when it comes to the BMW factory warranty. The four years or 50,000 miles warranty, which includes the AMAZING BMW Maintenance Program and the Unlimited-Mileage Roadside Assistance, is one of the best factory warranty that you can have on your new vehicle. Buying a new BMW and knowing that you will have peace of mind and zero maintenance costs for the next four years, is something that I always looked forward to.

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But what if you are one of the people that like to own the car for more than the four years or 50,000 miles limit? What are your options when it comes to that? How do you plan ahead to overcome potential costs? Well, allow me to share with you some things that I learned over the years. I’m sure there are many more tips and advice that one could receive, so here is where you, our readers, come in place to help us and all the BMW car owners.

  1. Plan ahead, be proactive. This is mostly a tip before your warranty expires. Do NOT wait until your warranty is close to its end date in order to bring your car in for a check-up. If you feel that the car is not running fine, you hear noises coming from the engine or the chassis, the interior has a defect or your car controls are malfunctioning, please take your car to your dealership for an inspection. By taking your car a few months before the warranty expiration, it will give you more time to bring it back to them in case the issue re-occurs. Stay on top of this game and you will save money in the long run!
  2. CPO your BMW. Let’s start with what CPO means, short for Certified Pre-Owned.  To be eligible for enrollment in the Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Program, a late-model vehicle must be in service for at least six months or have more than 6,000 miles but less than 60,000 miles on the odometer. They must pass an extensive examination – a thorough and rigorous inspection by BMW factory-trained technicians. They inspect the vehicle for safety, performance and wear. If something is not right, it is fixed. If it cannot be fixed, the car cannot become a Certified Pre-Owned BMW. Important:Although the Certified Pre-Owned BMW Limited Warranty is extremely comprehensive, it is not an extension of the original 4-year/50,000 mile New BMW Vehicle Limited Warranty.
  3. Buy Extended Warranty. Buying an extended warranty can be a long and frustrating process. Most of the BMW dealerships can sell both extended maintenance and an extended warranty, priced at around $1500-$1800 and respectively $2500-$3000. These prices are usually negotiable, so feel free to hassle with them. Another option will be to buy your extended warranty from a third-party company, but do your research before you buy and make sure they are rated by the BBB. Also, you should look for a warranty company that will give the BMW dealership their credit card over the phone, rather than you paying the bill first and chase them afterward. Here is a company that is recommended by us and the BMW community, which also offers FREE QUOTES: Carchex
  4. Take a chance. If you’re on those people that really take take care of their cars, drove them respectfully, changed the oil more often than the 15k miles standard BMW limit, etc..then you can take a chance and not spend any money on the extended warranty or CPO. But remember, the bimmers are one of the most expensive cars to maintain and repair and if you are end up at a point that a repair is needed, I advise you to look into an independent repair shop first and see if they can help you. Avoiding a BMW authorized dealership might save you lots of money.

I hope the above information will help you a little bit and I promise, we will be back with more detailed articles on BMW warranties and the process of choosing the right one. Also, click on the banner below for a FREE BMW Warranty Quote.

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Now, please share with us some other tips or resources.

  • http://carwarrantyreviews.com Car Extended Warranty

    Never buy a car warranty from the dealer. They sell the same product as a third-party warranty source, but double or triple the price. Dealers love the markup on extended warranties.

  • http://www.bmwblog.com Horatiu B.

    @Car Extended Warranty: What’s your recommendation when it comes to third party warranty companies?

  • Gragop

    I actually bought my warranty(CPO) off of BMW directly a it cost me roughly $1,600~$1,800. I think it depends on the condition of the car and how much work they have to do to get the car back into spec.

    Keep in mind if you aren’t running Continential Contisports then the dealer may throw those on. I had a set of Pirelli’s that BMW made me strip off the tires as they weren’t to spec. I fought them on this but they insisted.

    Also – the extended maintenance program is a fairly decent deal as it was roughly $1,800 and for the cost of brakes, wiper blades, fluids, and some of the inspections needed, I covered my expense of the maintenance program right there.

    BMW really does provide much better, competitive maintenance/ warranty programs compared to it’s rivals.

    • g


      I found a 2006 530i with around 20k but it’s not from a BMW dealer and I’d really like a CPO. Are you saying I can buy this car and take it to a BMW dealer to get a CPO?


  • http://www.bmwblog.com Horatiu B.

    @Gragop: In the end, did you feel that the money you spent on the warranties was worth it? Did you have any problems with the car?

  • Gragop

    For me, the peace of mind was worth it. I’ve honestly had next to no problems with my E46 except for the occasional controlling arm getting messed up from a speed bump or pot hole or my Ipod adaptor cable getting clipped by the glove compartment door. All of which has been covered under warranty with no questions asked. My previous E46 was leased and during the 3 year term that car’s worst problem was a failed oxygen sensor and the issue with the window clips failing. Not bad for 3 years and 43,000 miles.

    I’ve owned this car since new for over 3 years and 65,000 miles and aside from routine maintenance (oil changes/filters, brakes, tires) it’s been near flawless. I still love the way it looks and drives and knowing that I don’t need to worry about a repair bill for the next 3 years or so I’ll probably own it feels pretty good. Especially for when Inspection II comes up. Having a transferable maintenance and warranty program is also a large selling point as people generally seem to be wary of owning a German car without those items.

  • B

    Gow did you get your car CPO’d? My dealer says only they can do that to their cars that they are selling.

  • http://www.bmwblog.com Horatiu B.

    @B: Dealerships have the right to CPO or not CPO a car. I still believe it’s good business for them to certify the cars that really qualify for it, but I’m not sure in your case why they denied it. How old is your car and what mileage?

    • Sgrissom

      Not correct.  Dealers can certify dealer inventory only not private owners cars.
      Any dealer doing this is in direct violation and can be fined by BMW NA.  If you
      lease your car first and then buy it at the end then a dealer can certify it for you because
      you never owned it and it becomes inventory when you hand it back in.

    • Sgrissom

      Not correct.  Dealers can certify dealer inventory only not private owners cars.
      Any dealer doing this is in direct violation and can be fined by BMW NA.  If you
      lease your car first and then buy it at the end then a dealer can certify it for you because
      you never owned it and it becomes inventory when you hand it back in.

  • Mark B

    Does anyone know what the official BMW policy is regarding work that was repaired while under the 4 year warranty period, but then the same problem reaccurs shortly after the warranty expires. The service advisor told us this warranty work would be covered for two years but know they are disavvowing themselves of this. The left rear window regulator failed again only 3 weeks after warranty expired.

    Thanks for any advice.

  • Nikki

    I bought a 745Li from a private seller, where is the bet place to get a waranty and an xample of a price? Im totally lost…help me please Thanks!

    • http://www.bmwblog.com Horatiu B.

      Both companies listed above seem to be known in the BMW community, I would at least get a quote and take it from there. Also, feel free to email me through the contact form and maybe I can shed some light for you.

    • Tamara

      I did the same thing with the same car….what did you find out?

  • Brian L


    I’m currently deciding if I should a 2004 BMW 325 i. The mileage is at 35,000 and the dealer is selling it for 15,000. Is this a good deal and should get the CPO or warranty since it’s over?

    Thanks for reading.

  • http://www.autorepairwarranty.com Emily Smithers

    A great place to get an extended warranty is a company called Auto Repair Warranty. I went through this company when I bought my last car and have nothing but positive things to say about them.

    This was a great post!

    • G

      Please note Auto Repair Warranty AKA Auto Repair Group is out of business effective Jan 1, 2010 per the BBB. Do not attempt to obtain an extended warranty from them.

  • Pointfinder

    I wouldn’t buy United Auto Care warranty again!

    I bought their top-of-the-line extended warranty a year ago.

    They fixed a couple of small things that came up, but I just paid $250 because they denied the claim on fixing my HEATER! It was a fan resistor that failed, and they don’t cover that part.

    Note the two ways they got me:

    1. Although this was marketed to me as an “extended warranty,” it’s actually a promise to fix a very specific list of parts that might fail. So if your heating and a/c fails, it might or might not be because of a covered part, so they might or might not fix it.

    I thought that “of course they’ll cover a broken heater” but they referred back to the contract, pointed out that the “climate control fan resistor” is not listed in the contract, and denied my claim. So I have no legal recourse. But I can say that I feel misled, that it was my local BWM dealer that sold me this warranty, that I won’t buy this warranty again, and finally that I’ll reconsider my planned purchase of two new BMWs this year.

    2. I called the customer service number and spoke to a live rep in a reasonable period of time. He referred to the contract and said that my claim was denied. When I told him I was not satisfied, he would not refer me to someone (e.g. manager) who could work with me and would not provide a direct dial number. So they did not provide a way for me to appeal or resolve my issue.

    Bottom line, my experience has been THUMBS-DOWN!

    • Bill Harrison

      Thanx Pointfinder for that heads up on that company. I’m presently searching, as I write, for an extended warranty for my ’06, 750LI. It has not expired yet but I want peace of mind moreso than anything else. I won’t be upset if I never use it.
      I just got a 3 yr, $3000 cash price from who I’m told is a reputable company and am trying to beat that.

  • DDD

    I purchased a BMW and Mercedes with CPO warrenty. I would definately buy one but be sure it is the one from the MFG thes cars cost a lot to fix if someting breaks 2,000 is a small price to pay for extended protection

  • William

    I’m looking/very interested in a 2002 745Li with only 38000 miles and very clean. I really want this car, but concerned about mechanical and maintenance issues. Do you have any advice for good programs that would fit this description? Looking for warranty and maintenance plans. Please help…Thanks

    • Bill Harrison

      From 1 William to another, I’d look at repair histories on that model and also cozy up to a Beemer service manager and ask him to run a check on the VIN for you. They’ll give you a rundown on that particular car and characteristics in general for that model. Extended warranties are costly but, “what price peace of mind!”

      You might also be able to check out that model in Consumers Report.

  • Ken Maddeford

    I just bougth a 2007 530xi with 19,500 miles in great condition for $26,000. It was a corporate car and iI know the 4 yr warranty expries in Dec. 2010. Instead of buying from my local BMW dealer an extended mechanical warranty and an extended maintenance 2 yr warranty does anyone know of a 3rd party that is really reputable good and reasonably priced that an authorized BMW dealership will honor? Thank you and you can also email me directly at Kmad55@comcast.net. Its appreciated

  • KT

    I have bought extended maintenance(2yr/50000) for 2000$ and powertrain plus warranty for 2000$ on my BMW 2006 325i . Is it worth spending that much on maintenance and warranty?

  • av69bmw

    I have been a bmw dealer mechanic for 8 years, and the assistant service manager for the 2 following years. I have dealt with alot of extended warranties, of many companies. My sympathy goes to anyone who was mis led about warrantiesbyyourr dealer’s salesman or f&i person. I have seen it many many times. It is unfair, and unfortunate. I feel their mistake starts with ignorance, and a lack of integrity I feel should be taken when working for and advising customers. Nobody knows everything, the most honest and respectable thing you can do is to simply say,”I don’t know, please allow me to find out for you. – if you don’t know something. Don’t lie, or tell them what you think they want to hear. My number one advice to anyone one about to buy an extended warranty is don’t be a victim, read the fine print, the exclusions, all of them, understand them, if you don’t know – ask a bmw mechanic, or advisor. Extended warranties never cover bumper to bump reguardless. Whoever coined the phrase bumper to bumper warranty should be kicked. The phrase implies everything in between the bumpers is covered reguardless, and that is not true- even with the factory warranty. Dealers, mfr’s don’t warranty tires, top off oil. Oil, fluid top off due to normal use or comsumtion is paid for by the dealer as a customer courtesy, and is never a guarantee. Tires are not covered by the dealer or the car mfr. , the dealer is a intermediary between the customer and the tire manufacturer. Which by the way gives no specific warranty to the tires which are on the car from when new. A goodwill gesture warranty is extended to the customer at the mfr, dealer disgression. Goodwill warranty is never guaranteed.with all that said no warranty is perfect, not even the factory warr. I thoroughly believe that bmws are the best driving vehicle on road, recommend a factory cpo to anyone. Know the terms, conditions, of your warranty reguardless of whose it is. Ignorance is just that… Ignorance. I also believe that most dealers intentions are honest, but due to lack of time, sales demands, pressure to perform leads to short cuts in educating the customer, and themselves.

    • Bill Harrison

      Thank you very much for your info and comments!

  • David

    Av69bmw, great comments. We have a certified 2006 BMW 750LI with 48,000 miles and two years left on the certification. The dealer failed to advise use that the new car warranty was just about up when I brought the car into the shop for its service work. Although, we do have another two years left on the warranty, I an concerned about being without a warranty after that time. We only drive the car 8,000 miles a year and keep up with oil changes, I will be retiring in a year and will not be able to affort consistent expensive repairs, but certainly can afford normal repairs without a warranty if they are reasonable. The only warranty I found available that will extend the certification for $2000 is a power train only. Since the new car warranty expired, a so called bumper to bumper is about $5000 but will only extend the certification two years. Therefore, I don’t think $2500 per year is worth it. However, the $2000 power train extends it 3 years and another 100,000. Do you think the power train warranty is worth the expense, and/or am I too worried about possible major breakdowns after my certification expires.

    Any input would be appreciated.

  • Jonathan Shaw

    I found a 2007 525i with 43,400 mi at $26,500. 100,000 CPO and a 4 yr. 50,000 maintenance program. I’m a little leary because i’m going to have to get the extended maintenance after 7,000 miles of driving at $2,295. Does this sound like a good deal? The car is in mint condition white with the Auburn interior, wood grain with the voice activated navi and black floor.

  • David Malke

    Paragon Motors Warranty. Have this for my G35 with multiple claims and it is top notch. Don’t believe me because i can be anyone, go visit their site and get some quotes.


  • James Bond

    I am contemplating purchasing a 2004 BMW 530i from a local Honda dealership. The car has 64,000 miles on it. There was only one owner and it seems in pretty good shape. What kind of warranty would you advise purchasing, and how much do you think it would cost? My parents want to buy a Honda, but nothing rides like a BMW.

    Does BMW honor the purchase of the warranty from a third party if any sort of maitenance is required?

    Any insight would be great.


    Mr. Bond

  • Diana

    I Have a BMW 325 CI (Coupe) 2004 with 45.000 miles. My extended warranty is gong to expire. I use my car only 6.000 miles per year and keep up with oil changes. I really take care of him.
    I’m worried if I have to buy an extended warranty.

    I ‘ll appreciate any comment.

    • Gonuclear

      Here are some easy steps to take if you do have a breakdown with no warranty:

      Using a sledgehammer, smash the windshield and bodt panels until you are out of breath. Switch to an xacto knife, and slash all the tires (don’t forget the spare).

      Then drain all the engine oil and run the car until the pistons seize.

      There you go. The car will never bother you with abreakdown again.

  • Viv

    I bought a used 2004 X3 several years ago, and was told by my local BMW service provider that it had a 100,000 mile extended warranty. Today I was told by the same dealer that it doesn’t have a warranty, and I am well under the 100,000 mark. How or where do I find out details of the warranty, not knowing where ithe warranty was purchased from? Thanks

  • Keenya

    I am searching for an extended warranty provider for a 2006 X5. Any recommendations?

  • John

    I have a 2007 328i with currently 45k miles my warranty goes out in 2 months should I extend the factory warranty which costs $2200 and it extends to 100k or 2 years or should I save the money and spend it as needed for maintenance costs.? What maintenance is really needed before 100k anyways?

  • Eric

    John, I’m in the same boat as you. I bought a 2007 328xi 3 months ago at the dealership. I bought the full warranty (platinum package) that cost 4400 dollars. Since it was no risk to use it for 90 days I did it, but just called the dealership to cancel it.

    Here is my thinking: This warranty covers up to 100K miles. It cost $4400. I have 51K miles on my car and get regular oil changes and tune ups. How much can really go wrong on a BMW under 100K miles? If I got a repair bill for $4400 dollars, I would break even on the price of the warranty. If I had 2 or more repairs that totaled over $4400 dollars BEFORE 100K miles, the warranty would be worth it.

    So I’m just gonna roll the dice on this. I’ve driven the car for 3 months with no problems. I just don’t see myself spending over $4500 in repairs all b4 it hits 100K miles. Knock on wood. Also have to figure in that the warranty I purchased was financed with the car so I’m paying interest on that $4400 as well. Which makes the thing cost about 6K. NO thanks.

  • V

    I rrecently got a quote for a 2010 fully loaded BMW (X-drive) that was too good to be true (10K less). After some due diligence with the seller, I found that this car has gone through a bumper and tail light replacement after these “melted” when the car parked next to it caught fire. Apparently the insurance company auctioned it off to the reconditioning shop who is now selling this vehicle. I called the local BMW dealer and almost expectedly they advised me to not even think about buying it as BMW have retracted their warranty from this vehicle. They also claimed that they will not do the CPO or sell extended warranty for it. The seller is offering the same 50000 mile warranty that BMW provides. The question/ advice I am seeking is – will it be worth it to go for a third party warranty in a vehicle like this?


    the maintenance program is totally a joke or scam. It cover oil change and front wipper only.
    My X5 still under 6 years warranty. My local dealer in alhambra want to charge me $145 for break inspection, $320 for repairing a dead break light (I paid $10 to a roadside garage, they resolved the problem in 1 minute). BMW dealer do not provide tire rotate service unless you pay them extra money and they keep pushing me replace all four tires for more than $1600 even my X5 has only 20000 miles.

  • Ken Maddeford

    Well I bit the bullet. It was time to re-new my warranty and I went with Carchex.. Read up they are the best and highly rated.. I got 4 yrs 75,000 miles for $2600 and coverage bumper to bumper…….I’m good!

    • Ken DeChellis

      Ken…What year was your BMW…im thinking of carchex, paragon or the BMW extended….BMW wants 3000 (and 2000K for the extended maintenance)….I just bought a 2007 328i convert with 17K miles…warranty ends in Jul 11…I guess I want piece of mind….whats your take?

  • http://bmwblog Ron Burleson

    Can anyone direct me to a source to confirm what experience owners of a 328i have experienced after four years. So far, I have had good experience for the most part; however, an owner doesn’t know precisely what type of repairs are made to their vehicle during the 4 year period with factory full warranty. How can I find out what to expect later on, relative to possible repairs. My auto goes out of warranty the first week in 2011, and I am contemplating an extended contract. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Ken Maddeford

    Carchex was $2600 for their top of the line ext warranty.. 4 additionnal yrs and 50k miles on my 2007 530 xi… my mileage is low yearly!

  • Gino Rago

    Hi Ken, what kind of plan did you get,silver,gold or platinum and who is the administrator? Thankyou…Gino

  • Trand

    Hi just bought a 2007 750li and the warranty is going to expire 10 days. Great info on warrantys. One question, does it cost to get your vehicle CPO’d and does that decrease the amount for the extended warranty?

    Thanks much.

  • Frann

    Am looking to purchase ’04 530i, 64000 miles, clean carfax. looking at warranties. i’m a low mileage drive (4k a year) and take care of the car. a high end warranty can be bought with the car but it starts at 3400+ for one year up to 5300+ for 3, not from bmw dealer. feels like a lot of $$$. I’d feel better with some warranty behind the car. What about Carchex? Any other thoughts? Thanks

  • Ken Maddeford

    I got 50,000 additional miles platinum 4 yrs bump to bump.. $2600+ on my 07 530xi with 26,000 miles at Carchex… They are rated and good reviews!!! Im not worried…If you need a name or number of an excellent rep i have it.. it was all perfect!.

    • Frann

      thanks…this means i wouldn’t buy the one the dealer is selling. but leave the lot, if i get the car this week and go w/ carchex. i’d rather eat 2300 than 5300. ) this is really shifting into the unknown. ill look into it. any other thoughts, please do let me know.

    • Hopkins

      Hi Ken,
      Sure, woudll ove to get the name of the rep you worked with at Carchex.
      Also, I read above to be careful as no warranties truly cover bumper to bumper. What was excluded?

  • Arsalan

    Im looking to purchase a 02 745i with 100,000 km – about 60,000 miles. I am in ontario, Canada looking for a bumper to bumper all expenses covered warranty. I contacted the local bmw dealer here and they said they only cover cars which are 4 years or newer (07 and up). Any recommendations?
    I don’t want to buy this car without a warranty, i ve heard this model has a lot of problems …

  • Arsalan

    Also what options should i go for?

  • Maryum

    Looks like Carcheck, Paragon do not offer warranties in California- bummer!

    I have a 2007 335 hardtop convertible and my maintenance is rapidly approaching it’s end date. BMW quoted me $3,400 for their GOLD extended warranty. Looking for other options. I think I need to get an extended warranty on this..

    Any help would be appreciated as I haven’t dealt with this before ever

    • Rick

      Isn’t it sad how we have all these companies that state they are highly reputible, BBB certified, #1 Rated but yet we all seem hesitant and are asking each other for a reference to a decent and honest warranty company. You would think, just by chance, that BMW would have references for aftermarket warranty companies. To bad the dealerships only have at most, 2 warranty companies they use and of course, they aren’t even reliable but yet they are the most expensive. I was quoted by my dealer for a 3 year, $4800 for my 750I. CRAZY!!!!! Now that I am out of my maintenance warranty, I’ve checked around but only found scam after bad experience to outright ripoffs. Kind of wondering who is in charge and why something hasn’t been done to fix this nationwide problem. I can’t wait to find out a company originates out of country from North Korea. LOL!!!!

  • Perez_ink

    We just purchased a 2011 5-Series Grand Turismo and the dealership quoted us for the BMW Extended Vehicle Protection on a platinum package depending on the length between $5,740-$7,180.00 seems a little high any advice? Are they just jacking up the price to make extra money….????

  • Erik

    Personally I am very disappointed with the regular “maintenance” under the normal warranty and have had to shell out $$ in hidden costs. Examples: my oil ran out earlier than my oil changes were scheduled, so had to buy BMW oil (twice) because fluid “top offs” are apparently not included in the warranty/maintenance package. Same happened with coolant. And how convenient that my local dealership only sells coolant in one gallon drums–way more than I needed so most went to waste. Also, I shouldn’t forget to mention wheel alignments, which the dealership will adamantly recommend (and which are indeed necessary well within 50,000 miles) yet somehow this is not included in the “factory RECOMMENDED” maintenance package.

  • www.warrantywise.co.uk

    always check who does the best car warranty deals. I found warrantywise a good website for BMW car warranty

  • Ouzoboy

    I purchased a 750i with CPO warranty.  Several things have gone wrong with the car in the past two years and few have been covered by the CPO warranty.  If you buy a 5 or 7 series, be prepared to spend money on non-covered items.  The covered items tend to be the more reliable components – albiet also expensive to replace/repair.  I would recommend doubling the oil change interval compared to factory spec.

    • http://www.bmwblog.com Horatiu B.

      What sucks is that not all BMWs can be CPOed, so then the only choice is to find a company that offers BMW extended warranty

  • Arretjenoff

    But remember, the bimmers are one of the most expensive cars to maintain and repair and if you are end up at a point that a repair is needed, I dont agree at all,bought my full option 328 touring 16 years ago and is has been running without major repairs at all.My car did 430000km plus and never let me down due to good maintenance by the official BMW werkstatt.I hope my next BMW wich will be a brand new I3 will deliver the same quality as this marvellous e36 driving mashine! One thing i can be sure of ,i will miss the quality of the non rusting stainless steel exaust pipe but that will be compensated by the maintenacef free cfrp car construction.For me the brand symbolises pure quality and is worth every dollar invested!!thats the best extended warranty a buyer could wish.

  • Magali730

    I work at a dealershp but I want to buy the warranty somewhere else –  I am looking to buy a X3 for 12,500 2004 it has 54k miles ?? is it good?

  • Daniel

    Thanks for the great article. I bought a BMW Extended Warranty from Carchex

  • Alex

    I bought my car (2007 BMW 328xi coupe) from a ford dealership in PA. The vehicle had 20,000 miles and was still covered under the factory warranty, but the dealership managed to sell me a warranty from “easycare” that would kick in after the original expired anyway. I have had a great experience with them throughout ownership, as they really do cover almost anything! ($100 deductible per visit) So far they have covered: ball joint, tail light sensor, replacement headlight housing (adaptive failure), screw in the tread of runflat (easycare paid $326 for a replacement), various diagnostic fees. Yes! They even pay diagnostic fees if the diagnosis results in the repair/replacement of a covered part. So far the only things they haven’t been willing to cover are: tow hook cover (which I learned was only $46, luckily), and a bent rim (they will cover the cost to replace a rim if it is cracked or bent to the point where it doesn’t hold air). So, only two small issues not covered in my three years of ownership. The warranty was kind of on the expensive side… I think it was around $3,500, but it was their top of the line “total care” as they call it. When I had my runflat replaced, easycare paid over the phone within an hour of dropping off my car. Laurel BMW in Johnstown, PA said they have never received payment from an aftermarket warranty so quickly by mastercard. I would highly recommend anyone in the market to include this company when comparing warranties, and hopefully you’ll find them as worthwhile as I have!

    Best Regards,


  • Daniel

    Used BMWs can become costly to maintain so getting a BMW Extended Warranty is important. Over the years, the cost of the repairs will def pass the initial investment in a warranty plan

  • Andy

    learn how to do basic maintenance on yer bimmmer will save u big money….!!!

  • Dani

    Bought BMW extended warranty from Carchex and so far so good

  • paresh Patel

    Never buy BMW 100000 mile service plan. only thing they do is change oil, change filter. other then that they do not do any kind of maintenance. on your service plan it suppose to cover breaks, spark plug and your scheduled maintenance etc. when you take your car to dealership, they always tell you your car computer system saying everything is normal but in reality your car damage get worse. I spend around 5K on regular maintenance after 100k service contract expire. big time fraud,

  • Scott E

    http://www.nationalrepairsolutions.com was legit. I have both my vehicles with them

  • HelloHowLow

    I owned an Audi and now a MINI. Lesson I learned: imported, German/European luxury cars break like hell and it costs an arm and a leg to get things fixed. My lesson is that it is OK to buy a used car, but factory warranty (or equivalent) needs to be in place.

  • Shelby G. Norton

    if you think the dealership you are going to might house a group of slick talkers who will put you into the first car they see, then please steer clear of them. If you intend to buy a BMW warranty you can do so even after the original factory warranty expires. There are several good reasons not to allow your original factory warranty to expire before purchasing an extended warranty, though. The rates tend to be much higher if you wait until after the original warranty expires.