Test Drive: BMW 135i Convertible

Test Drives | August 26th, 2008 by 13
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On the same day that I drove the E90 M3, I drove the 135i Convertible. What a great car. But I’ll let you see that …

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On the same day that I drove the E90 M3, I drove the 135i Convertible. What a great car. But I’ll let you see that from my video. Make sure that you turn the sound up when watching the walkaround video.

Thanks to Horatiu for such a great editing job.



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And here are the Youtube videos for those of you that are more familiar with it.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bg1Emu-1Yy0[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbYNzK6WbKQ[/youtube]

Article by Josh from RawAutos.com

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13 responses to “Test Drive: BMW 135i Convertible”

  1. Donny says:

    Great car, but I really do not understand how you would rather have the 135 over the 335. But, that’s JMHO. Other than saving a few thousand dollars, I can think of NO REASON to purchase this vehicle over a 335i convertible.

    • Rod says:

      By the same token, why pay several thousand extra for a 335 when the 135 does virtually everything a 335 can do? I prefer the smaller size of a 135, along with taking a couple of hundred pounds of weight away, something one normally has to pay extra to accomplish. I sat in one last weekend, I’m 5’11” and even adjusting the driver seat to where I would want it I was able to sit in the rear seat without great discomfort.

  2. Nico says:

    I prefer the 1-series too, I even traded my 3-series for one, but unfortunately, unlike what you say, the interior space is really really small. I can’t wait to own a 3 series again, I have to visit the barber too frequently now so I don’t touch the ceiling :) (I’m 6.4 feet tall though)
    Also the finish of the interior, especially the dome around the instruments, is much better in the 3 series.

  3. George says:

    The 1 series cabrio is a woman’s car. Feminine design! I can’t decide which looks worse the Z3 or the 1 series cabrio?

  4. Jonathan Johnson says:

    great car…just waiting on the price tag……???? if its expensive i strongly advise you to add a few bucks and run for the 335…..????

  5. RawAutos says:

    @Donny: The 335i is a more mass market car, to me. I love it, but the 135 is just more pure…

  6. RawAutos says:

    @Nico: Haha, well I’m only 5’9″. So I tend to fit in cardboard boxes and lockers a lot easier. I don’t know so much about the interior quality. I still have more fun in the 1.

  7. RawAutos says:

    @George: The Z3. But the Z3 was still a pretty good car. The ///M cars were great.

  8. RawAutos says:

    @Jonathan Johnson: This particular model was $50,000. I wouldn’t really buy a convertible, but I would pay for a 135i over a 335i. If it were a vert, I would spend the extra on the E93 335i.

  9. Ed says:

    Great stuff! The 3-series was getting too expensive & upscale to suit spoiled 20-somethings.

  10. Ed says:

    @Nico: You’re 6’4 & you fit into a 1? Well, Nico, if you’re a tall European man, I’m a handsome black American guy who would love all 6’4 of you.

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