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Video: Check out an ultra-rare manual BMW E63 M6

Looking at the automotive market and what’s on offer today, you would probably think that the manual gearbox doesn’t stand a chance. And the truth is, it doesn’t. Most car makers are dropping this option…

VIDEO: Watch a Zanzibar G80 BMW M3 Manual in POV

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This Manual BMW E46 M3 Might Just Be a Steal

Looking for a good investment? Did the BMW E30 M3 train just fly by? Thinking about what classic M3 model might go up in value next? Well, look no more. The BMW E46 M3 seems…

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Youths need to learn to drive manual

It seems that almost every other week, there’s a story about a car theft, only to have the thief stall and run away because they didn’t know how to drive a manual transmission. This happens…