E90 BMW M3

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Is the BMW E90 M3 Sedan a Forgotten Gem?

At the moment, during this frankly absurd time for used sports car values, the E92 M3 has become more popular than ever before. We’re seeing E92 M3s sell for eye-watering money on auction sites like…

BMWs that won’t depreciate too fast

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Jet Black BMW E90 M3 Project

The BMW E90 M3 is one of the sleekest looking performance cars out there. Despite being replaced by the more powerful F80 M3, the previous generation M3 sedan can prove to be a tough match…

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The Works for a Frozen White M3 Sedan

European Auto Source brings us a new exciting project based off the E90 BMW M3. The owner of this Frozen White wrapped E90 M3 wanted everything done in one fell swoop. So many components of…