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BMW 325i E46 Turbocharged To CSL Levels Of Power

Slapping a turbocharger on a naturally aspirated engine is the fastest way to unlock considerably more power. Just ask Viktor, a Bulgarian fellow who bought a BMW E46 that had been modified by its previous…

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VIDEO: Doug DeMuro Ranks all BMW M3 Generations

This new G80-generation BMW M3 is the sixth generation, marking more than thirty years of M3. In that thirty-year span, its six generations of cars were all incredibly different from each other, despite all having…

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What BMW Should I Buy For Under $10,000

The used car landscape has changed recently, and things have gotten tougher for budget-minded BMW enthusiasts. But even at the entry point of $10,000, there are still tons of options. Today, we’re looking at some…

BMW never built a 3 Series E46 pickup truck, so this guy is making one

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BMW E46 330Ci – The Best Bargain Today?

I recall being invited to the launch of the BMW E46 3 Series Coupe back in 1998 (coupe, sedan versions launched in 1997) and how this new Coupe was the next best 3 Series to…