bmw 3 series touring

bmw 3 series touring roesbeck 750x500

The inventor of the BMW 3 Series Touring

The story about the invention of the BMW 3 Series Touring and the beginning of the lifestyle touring. Engineer Max Reisböck wanted to go on vacation with his family, but in the mid 80’s regular…

2013 NAIAS: BMW 3 Series Touring

2008 BMW 3 Series Touring Wagon 3 750x500

Best cars for dog owners – BMW 3 Series Wagon

BMW 3 Series Wagon has been voted as one of the best cars for dog owners, says a report published by CNN and quoting AAA. Among the dog-friendly accessories available for this luxury car are…

2009 BMW 3 Series Touring Wallpapers

Just posted the BMW 3 Series wallpapers and now it's time to turn our attention to the 3 Series Facelift Wagon/Touring version. Interesting that more high-res photos were released of the touring and it's quite…