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MINI Cooper vs Audi A1 — Top Gear Test

Small, premium hatchbacks are extremely popular in Europe. In the ‘States, they’re about as desirable as the measles, because us ‘Mericans are all about size (maybe, we’re compensating for something). But east of the Atlantic,…

Bild Vergleich MINI Cooper S F55 Audi A1 Sportback 2018 01 830x553

Photo Comparison: MINI Cooper vs Audi A1

Normally, if you want a compact car for urban cities, you buy a MINI. Not only are they, well, mini, but they’re fun to drive, premium on the inside, economical and affordable. There are other…

BMW Allegedly Developing Audi A1 Rival – Report

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MINI Cooper vs Audi A1 vs Citroen DS 3

Competition in the sub-compact car segment is getting more and more intense, with great competitors coming from all sorts of different brands. MINI, being one of the original sub-compact makers, is obviously the litmus test…

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Audi A1 heavy discounts for previous MINI customers

According to the Ingolstadt-based company Audi,  the last addition to the lineup, entry-level A1 model, is the first premium automobile offered in the compact car class. Despite the bold statement, we continue to believe that…

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Photos: Audi A1 – MINI’s Newest Competitor

Judging by the latest sales numbers, Audi is clearly shaping up to become BMW’s biggest competitor in the premium cars segment, especially in Europe. So it comes with no surprise that the two companies are…