April Fools

BMW iX xDrive40 11 830x553

BMW Makes Fun of Itself in April Fools Ad

This April 1, 2021, will be remembered for having the most egregious automotive April Fools jokes. Don’t even get me started on “Voltswagen”, I don’t think I have enough energy to rant about it. However,…

BMW M5 Competition test drive32 830x553

BMW Patents Technology for Side Window Wipers

BMW is a car manufacturer known for its great-handling products. The fact that people automatically think about a car doing drifts when thinking about BMW is also a statement to the sporty image the brand…

BMW launches dDrive dog basket

John Cooker Works Package 13 750x500

Now your MINI can be turned into a mobile street vendor

From April 2017 the MINI Convertible can be fitted with the new John Cooker Works package and turned into a mobile street vendor. The MINI Convertible receives a solid-oak food sales and preparation surface. This…

MINI Hipster Hatch 4 750x500

Will BMW or MINI top last year’s April Fools joke?

April Fools is upon us, as tomorrow marks the first day of April. It’s usually a time when people play practical jokes on each other, making outrageous claims purely for shock value, only to hope that…