Video? What leaked video? BMW wants to wipe out your memory about seeing the Skytop the other day to hype up its new Skytop concept. A new teaser image shows what we’ve seen already, an attractive front fascia reminiscent of the Sharknose era. From this angle, you can’t really tell that the new concept is based on the 8 Series Convertible.

Because it’s 2024 and just about every BMW must have illuminated kidneys, the grille’s contour lights up. Those super-slim headlights resemble squinty eyes and follow recent design trends in the car industry by slimming down the lights. The same holds true at the back where it’ll have slender strips of taillights. The concept’s clean lines remind us of the Gran Lusso Coupe penned by Pininfarina. That one too debuted at Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, back in 2013.

It’s too early to tell whether BMW has any intentions of putting Skytop into production. If it does, expect a high asking price and a low production number. That would’ve been the case for last year’s Touring Coupe but the Z4 M40i-based Clown Shoe revival was left on the cutting room floor. If it gets the green light, it’ll be an elegant way to retire the 8 Series. Rumor has it the entire lineup will be discontinued in the coming years.

Skytop would likely be based on the M8 Convertible but with an entirely different body and only two seats. As to much it would cost, surely a lot more than the $150,000 that BMW is charging for the regular F91. We should learn more later this week when it debuts on the shores of Lake Como in Italy.

The German luxury brand is still likely encouraged to do pricey special editions after the success it had with the 3.0 CSL. Despite a rumored asking price of €750,000 for a heavily modified M4, BMW had no issues finding 50 customers.

Source: BMW / Instagram