Who knew Toyota would be the one to proverbially save the manuals? Its Gazoo Racing lineup includes the GR Yaris, GR Corolla, and GR86 – all of which have a stick shift. Prepare to add a fourth member as the 2023 GR Supra is here with three pedals. Offered exclusively with the BMW B58 engine, the 6MT is claimed to be a newly developed transmission tailored to the 3.0-liter inline-six.

Compared to the eight-speed ZF automatic, it has a shorter final drive ratio for better performance of the line as well as in-gear acceleration. We’re being told Toyota has come up with special software courtesy of an intelligent manual transmission (iMT) mode to optimize engine torque while upshifting or downshifting for consistent performance. A new Lightweight version for Europe includes the manual gearbox and special 19-inch wheels. A different sound system and simpler seats contribute to a total weight loss of 38.3 kg (84.4 lbs).

Special attention was given to the knob, which weighs 200g and has a special lever ratio to make changing gears easier. Compared to the automatic Supra, the six-speed version has different ergonomics. Changes were made to create a 1.7-inch clearance between the stick shift and the switchgear. In the new A91-MT special edition available in the US, the shift knob is covered in Alcantara. The 2023MY-only version limited to 500 cars also gets a lovely Cognac leather interior.

While BMW has been tight-lipped about any potential changes planned for the Z4 roadster, Toyota has made additional tweaks to its Supra. From revised suspension and steering tuning to a more drift-happy Track mode, the 2023MY coupe has been significantly modified. Case in point, a new Hairpin+ system makes twisty roads more enjoyable. It does so by offering a greater difference in the degree of wheel spin on the left and right-side tires.

The Six-Speed Manual Supra Will Be A Global Affair

The US market gets a manual Supra for the 3.0, 3.0 Premium, and A91-MT. Over in Europe, it’s available strictly on the RZ model. The latter also receives newly developed 19-inch forged alloy wheels that shave off 1.2 kilograms (2.6 pounds) at each corner.

Customer deliveries will commence in Japan this fall, with the US and Europe to follow shortly. With rumors of a manual Supra turning out to be true, here’s hoping the GRMN is also coming.

Source: Toyota