ALPINA originally teased the B4 Gran Coupe on March 12, but we haven’t heard anything about the new member of the Buchloe family since then. Thankfully, the manufacturer has now released another preview to showcase the signature wheel design and a section of the restyled front bumper. Not only that, but we finally know when the car will debut – March 30.

Indeed, we’ll only have to wait until tomorrow to see the B4 Gran Coupe. While its predecessor was sold as a coupe and convertible, the new model will be more practical. ALPINA has used as a foundation the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe rather than the two-door models. It’s too soon to say whether an expansion of the lineup will follow, but for now, the new B4 will have rear doors.

The B4 Gran Coupe should be ALPINA’s answer to BMW fans interested in buying an M4 Gran Coupe. Much like the B3 Sedan/Touring, it should inherit the S58 from the M3 and M4. Performance should mirror that of the B3 saloon, which takes 3.8 seconds to 100 km/h and hits 188 mph (303 km/h).

The ALPINA B4 Gran Coupe Will Be A Step Up From The BMW M440i

We’re expecting the straight-six, 3.0-liter engine to produce 462 hp (340 kW) and therefore match the B3’s output. The 700 Nm (516 lb-ft) will make it an effortless GT with more style than the sedan. Needless to say, the B4 Gran Coupe will be an xDrive-only affair with an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission.

Much like the 4 Series Gran Coupe costs more than the equivalent 3 Series Sedan, the ALPINA B4 Gran Coupe will command a premium over the B3 Sedan. Those looking for a performance BMW will be spoiled for choice this year. Why? Because the M3 Touring and M4 CSL are also arriving in 2022. In addition, we’ve heard rumors of an M4 GT/H with the CSL’s diet and a manual gearbox. In 2023, the M3 CS and M4 CS could complete the portfolio.

Source: ALPINA