What’s happening in the Ukraine is heartbreaking, so it’s hard to sympathize with multi-billion dollar corporations having any supply chain issues from the current situation. However, there are supply chain issues for automakers due to the situation in the Ukraine, which have caused pauses in production for many automakers. All German automakers; BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz; have faced production stops due the lack of Ukrainian-made parts. Count MINI among them.

Obviously, MINI uses many of the same parts as BMW, due to using BMW-made engines and electronics. However, MINI’s production volumes are far smaller than BMW’s, so there was a chance these supply shortages would miss MINI. Not the case, though. MINI’s Oxford plant is going to have to halt production until March 18, due to the lack of semiconductors.

For most German automakers, wire harnesses were in short supply, due to the war in Ukraine. However, it’s a semiconductor shortage that’s halting MINI production. The missing semiconductors are used in the infotainment system, as well as back up cameras, and even airbags. This week-long closure will affect 3,800 workers, though thankfully they’ll still get paid during this closure.

It will affect anyone who’s ordered some new MINIs, though. The Oxford plant builds the MINI Cooper hatchback, both the normal internal combustion models and the all-electric Cooper SE, and the Clubman. Though, production being pushed back a week isn’t too bad.

To be honest, it’s hard to feel bad for anyone dealing with these issues, as there is literally a ground war going on in the Ukraine, with civilians taking up arms. Especially since this closure is only for a week and the employees will still be paid during it. But it is interesting to see how far reaching the effects of the devastation we’re seeing in the Ukraine.

[Source: Auto Express]