Now that the BMW M3 Competition xDrive is on sale, customers finally have the chance to get themselves an all-wheel drive, all-weather BMW M3. What’s most impressive about the M3 xDrive, though, is just how much better of an overall package it is than the rear-wheel drive car. So much so that even current rear-wheel drive M3 owners might be tempted to trade their car in for an xDrive model. More specifically, YouTuber Joe Achilles decided to trade M3 Comp in for an xDrive model.

In this new video, Achilles decides to bring the viewer along for the process of ordering his new BMW M3 xDrive, which he’ll trade his rear-drive car in for. His current car is a rather charming spec, too; Portimao Blue over Kyalami Orange interior with the carbon fiber bucket seats. Aside from its Grillez, this M3 is a great looking car. However, he can’t replace the car with the exact same color combination, so he chose something a bit different.

So why trade in an existing BMW M3 that he’s only had for seven or either months for almost the exact same car with just two additional driven wheels? Because it’s so much better to live with everyday that it just seems silly to have the rear-drive car now. Both the rear-drive and all-wheel drive car have the same specs; a 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged inline-six with 503 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque and an eight-speed automatic gearbox. However, the xDrive model is far, far quicker in all circumstances, while never actually feeling all-wheel drive.

After driving both cars, most enthusiasts would agree that the rear-wheel drive mode just doesn’t make sense anymore. The BMW M3 xDrive is significantly faster, easier to drive, safer in bad weather, and still has the ability to be rear-wheel drive if you want. So is it worth trading in your rear-wheel drive M3 for an xDrive model? If you can, absolutely.