When the BMW Z4-based Toyota Supra first hit the market, fans begged Toyota for a manual transmission option. While Toyota admittedly didn’t say it was impossible, the general consensus was that no such manual would ever happen. Especially when you consider that the Supra’s mechanical twin, the BMW Z4, wasn’t going to get a manual, either. However, row-your-own gearbox enthusiasts rejoice, as the new word is Toyota will offer a manual in the Supra and will likely do so this year.

According to this new report from The Drive, who has a source inside the Toyota dealer network here in the US, the Supra will actually be getting a manual option. While its 2022 release isn’t guaranteed, that’s what’s expected.

As of right now, there’s no info on which engine the manual will come with. Toyota offers the Supra with both BMW’s B48 engine (2.0 liter turbo-four, 255 horsepower/295 lb-ft) and B58 engine (3.0 liter turbo-I6, 382 horsepower/369 lb-ft). It’s unclear if both engines will get the manual transmission options or only one. Typically, modern car companies only offer manuals on entry-level or less powerful sports cars. So I’m inclined to think the Supra 2.0 will be the only manual version but I could certainly be wrong.

It’s also entirely possible that we see the manual Toyota Supra offered with the 2023 model year cars, which will release at the tail end of 2022. Apparently, Toyota is also rumored to be offering a GRMN version of the Supra for 2023, which will come with a version of BMW M’s S58 engine. If Toyota could pull off bringing both cars to the US by the end of 2022, as 2023 model year cars, it would be a big day for enthusiasts.

Having spent some time in the Supra, I can say that a manual would go a long way to improving its drive. The Toyota Supra is a good car but it does lack some driver engagement. Six speeds, a clutch pedal, and an H-pattern gear lever would fix that right up.

[Source: The Drive]