As part of a marketing campaign for BMW Service, to show off just how well BMW technicians can help to fix any of your problems, the brand launched a recent ad with a BMW iX3. It’s called The Heist, which will immediately bring about memories of The Hire, BMW’s famous series of short films.

In this new ad, a BMW iX3 owner is sitting in his car, enjoying a cup of coffee, outside of a bank. All of the sudden, three bank robbers rush out of the bank, accompanied by alarms, holding bags of cash. They commandeer the iX3 owner’s car, jumping in the back seat and instructing him to drive. He doesn’t drive and, as they open one of the bags, its theft prevention spray covers one of the robbers in pink paint, while also spraying the same paint onto the car’s headliner. The police then surround the BMW iX3 and the robbers are caught.

Afterward, we see the iX3 owner with his car in a BMW Service center, having the paint removed from its interior and fixing its and windshield hood from when one of the robbers rudely slid across it. Did the guy really have to do that?

It’s a very short ad and nothing like The Hire series from so long ago, though it’s not exactly meant to be a short film. Instead, it’s an ad about how BMW Service can and will fix anything about your BMW but, then again, why wouldn’t it? Anyway, the video is mildly entertaining and worth a watch if only to remind you of the iconic BMW Films of the past. Then, once you’re done watching this, go watch some of those and waste the rest of your afternoon at work. Dammit, now that’s what I’m gonna have to do…