After some recent spy photos teasing its existence, the Genesis GV60 Electric was finally revealed, showing off a coupe-like crossover with an all-electric powertrain and some funky styling. Most of Genesis’ modern designs are very good; the G70, G80, and GV70 in particular are excellent; though this new GV60 Electric is getting some mixed reviews to say the least. The GV60 Electric’s design is what’s creating buzz, so let’s start there. There are some things that work and some that don’t work. I’m not quite sure I like it but I’m also not quite sure I dislike it. I can’t really figure it out.

For starters, I like the clamshell-style hood, which creates a seamless, sleek front end design. I also like the signature Genesis split headlight design. However, the front grille being placed so low just looks odd. Of course, being an electric car, it doesn’t need a grill, so it’s purely aesthetic, but it just looks off being that low.

Out back, the split taillights look good and the contrasting black spoiler is kind of cool but the oddly blacked out notch in the C-pillar just isn’t good. It looks like the Tesla logo mounted in the C-pillar, which is just weird and unnecessary. The floating A-pillar is okay but it reminds me of the new Chevy Blazer, which isn’t a compliment. However, I like the funky flush door handles and the flared rear wheel arches. So the Genesis GV60 Electric is a weird mix of some hits and some big misses.

The interior is great, though. The blue and yellow contrasting color scheme is a bit much but the design is awesome. It’s funky and modern but also clean and simple. The tech looks really slick and the integration of the side mirror camera screens looks pretty decent, though we’ve yet to hear of such a system working better than mirrors.

Genesis’ main focal point of the interior is its Crystal Sphere. The center shift control knob rotates around to reveal a crystal orb that provides ambient lighting and ambiance while the car is off. When it’s ready to drive, the Sphere rotates back around to reveal a shift knob with which to shift the car into drive or reverse with. It’s a bit gimmicky but cool, I guess.

At the moment, Genesis is mum on the mechanical details but we do know that the GV60 Electric is built on the brand’s all new E-GMP (Global Modular Platform), which is a new dedicated electric architecture.

With an all-electric powertrain, coupe-like SUV looks, and a funky cabin, the Genesis GV60 Electric has the potential to be a hit in the ‘States. U.S. customers love crossovers with funky, pseudo-sporty designs (I blame the BMW X6 and X4), so giving them a new electric one with interesting styling is likely a smart move by Genesis.