The BMW X5 M50i is one of my favorite BMW SUVs at the moment, only behind the BMW X3 M and the BMW X7. When it comes to performance SUVs, the X5 M50i is just about the perfect balance between luxury and speed and, in my opinion, is a better overall car than the full-blown X5 M. Not only is the X5 M50i stupendously fast but it’s also comfortable, quiet, and luxurious. Which makes it the perfect performance family SUV. And in this Lime Rock Grey, it looks killer, too.

We love the idea of BMW Individual colored cars, especially when they’re family cars, as the BMW X5 is. The idea of adding some spice to your everyday life; such as adding a special, interesting color to your daily commute-mobile; is one that we encourage. Why not have your daily driver a bit more fun and interesting looking, especially when you’re already spending over $100,000 on the car. What difference is another few grand at that point for a paint color that will put a smile on your face, multiple times a day for a few years?

This Lime Rock Grey is a very cool color because it’s not overly flashy but makes the BMW X5 M50i look much sportier and more special. BMW fans won’t want to hear this but it actually reminds me of Audi’s Nardo Grey, which is an outstanding color and makes ordinary cars seem more extraordinary. Lime Rock Grey does the very same job with this X5 M50i.

If you’re looking to get a BMW X5 M50i, an SUV with a 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8, making 523 horsepower, 553 lb-ft of torque and a 0-60 mph time of around four seconds, spend the little bit of extra money and get a good color. Especially one as cool as Lime Rock Grey.

[Source: Hendrick BMW]

[Photo Source: @vote4pedrog]