Winter is already here and in many parts of the world, the weather has turned snowy and frozen, making life quite difficult for many drivers. However, there are some things you can do to make winter life easier on your BMW, thus making it easier for you. In our new video, we give you some winter weather tips for your daily-driven Bavarian.

First of which is simple — get some winter tires for you car. It doesn’t matter if you have a low-riding sedan or a high-riding SUV, nor does it matter if you have two-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Winter tires are seriously important in freezing temperatures or in the snow. Winter tires aren’t just big knobbly tires to help you get out of a ditch. The rubber compound and tread patterns are actually designed to maintain grip while turning and braking, thus allowing you proper control in both freezing temps and snowy weather. Winter tires can be expensive but are absolutely worth the investment.

This next winter tip is much cheaper. Get a snow scraper. A simple snow brush/scraper combo with a long handle is a very inexpensive tool yet one that will be invaluable during winter months. The ability to scrape off your windshield and brush the snow off of your car is a necessity for safety. Don’t be cheap, buy a scraper.

Rubber floor mats are also very helpful in the winter. If you live in snowy climates, winter mats help keep the snow and grime from your boots from ruining your car’s carpets. Let the rubber mats take the abuse and then, once it’s dry outside, take the mats out, hose them down, let them dry and put ’em back in. Good as new. Weathertech makes some of the best floor mats around and we’ve used their products a lot but you can also get rubber mats right from your dealer.

Another cheap tip is to get de-icing washer fluid. Your washer fluid needs to be able to resist freezing, or else when you try to remove some grime from your windshield while driving, it will freeze up almost instantly and completely block your vision. Washer fluid needs to be able to withstand freezing temps and many of them are capable of even quickly de-icing your windshield. It’s extremely cheap, so don’t go without it.

Lastly, make sure you consistently have either a full tank of gas or as much battery charge as possible, if you drive an EV. It’s common to suddenly get stuck in immense amounts of traffic in snowy weather, as sudden accidents can cause massive traffic backups in an instant. So if you’re low on gas or batter, you run the risk of running out and then not having heat.

Watch our new video (and subscribe to our channel), which goes more in-depth about each of these tips and helps you better understand how to easily winterize your BMW for this season and beyond.