BMW Group is presenting the near-series version of the BMW Motorrad Concept Link at #NEXTGen 2020. Dubbed BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04, the electric scooter aims to connect the digital and analog world of a rider. While the BMW Motorrad Concept Link in 2017 still seemed like a vision far from the future, the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 delivers a production readiness design.

Visually, the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 clearly breaks with the look of scooters as we know them. Instead, an elongated, low vehicle body and the diagonally rising front end create a modern silhouette. The flat battery in the underbody provides new storage solutions. It also gives the rider easy access for storing a helmet and other equipment. In addition, the low position of the flat battery provides a favorable centre of gravity.

The color choice is a Mineral White metallic paired with a matte black which hides the mechanical parts of the scooter. The design of the lights is also modern. The two U-shaped LED front lights are characterized by minimalist design. Their clear-cut layout and the slim contours accentuate the modern and trailblazing visual appeal of the front section. The rear lights have been integrated into the rear side panels in the form of two C-shaped light elements.

The rider is connected to his environment through his smartphone via the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04. Its 10.25 inch display is the largest in the scooter segment to date and acts as an interface between the digital and analogue worlds of the rider.

The BMW Motorrad designers have also created a new rider equipment for this concept. At the heart of the rider equipment developed exclusively for the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 is a casually cut warm parka suitable for everyday use. Black riding jeans, stylish sneakers and a white open face helmet complete the look. The parka in a broken white tone offers a high degree of wearing comfort thanks to its wide cut and is distinctive thanks to its urban style. The high-tech material of the parkas is waterproof, robust and breathable. The flexible protectors incorporated into the parka provide the safety expected from BMW Motorrad.

Innovative features such as the integrated light guides in the sleeves and hood ensure greater visibility in road traffic and can be switched on and changed in colour via sensors in the sleeve. To ensure that the rider is always fully charged up, the inside pocket of the parka has an inductive charging field for the smartphone. The rider equipment is seamlessly integrated into the rider’s life.

The BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 continues BMW Motorrad’s electromobility strategy for urban conurbations and thus provides a concrete preview of what a contemporary production vehicle could look like. But no launch timeline has been provided for the production series.