BMW is betting big on electric vehicles and it is doing it all around the world. China has become the world’s largest automotive market and is now in the process of recovering from the crisis the Coronavirus outbreak brought along. Car sales are starting to pick up but it will be a long process.

Electric vehicle have been on a roll in the Asian country for a few years now, mostly backed by Government incentives. The charging infrastructure developed at a fast pace, but there’s still room for improvement.

The largest network in the country belongs to State Grid, a state-owned company, with services in a number of fields related to electricity one way or another. The State Grid EV Service subsidiary of the company has recently signed an agreement with BMW, to collaborate in the establishment of a better electric charging network across the country. This is the first such deal to be signed by a a foreign company and a huge step forward for BMW customers.

“Our strategic partnership with State Grid EV Service, a leading charging service provider, demonstrates BMW’s strong commitment to China. Our efforts are also an active response to China’s new infrastructure initiative, which aims to develop and support the application of new technologies.

Chinese customers have the highest expectations, well beyond products and technology, and charging convenience is an important factor that will attract them to new energy vehicles,” said BMW Group Region China CEO, Jochen Goller.

This will offer them access to over 270,000 charging stations that are already in use and positioned along Chinese highways. However, only about half of them are currently available, the other half being in the process of being built.

According to official estimates, this move will offer BMW customers the chance of covering more than 50,000 kilometers (30,000 miles) of the Chinese road network with no emissions.