I think it’s safe to say that a large majority of premium car owners also have a thing for timepieces. Somehow, the two are connected and we even have a section over here at BMWBlog dedicated to watches and car owners alike. That gut feeling of mine was also confirmed by Rolls-Royce this week, with the unveiling of a special, bespoke Phantom, created specifically for those looking for the ultimate timepiece: the Horology Phantom.

The car was announced as Rolls-Royce is celebrating yet another milestone, the brand’s demand for bespoke models going through the roof. The Horology Phantom is the one that caught my eye though, as I am an avid watch lover, too. The car was done after consulting with master horologists from La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland and discussing the endless intricacies that come with creating a complicated movement.


The end result features elements from the most exclusive timepieces available. The exterior is done in two shades, Gunmetal for the lower side and Black for the upper and both feature details in Gold and Silver to create a striking contrast. The traditional, hand-painted coachline features a double-motif being done in gold and silver while the Spirit of Ecstasy figure is coated in 24k gold. Considering how many Rolls-Royce owners have some of the rarest timepieces in the world, this Phantom is bound to start a bidding war if Rolls-Royce decides to sell it.

Inside the cabin The Gallery hold the largest stainless steel and gold inlay ever made for a Phantom. The inlay depicts an abstract schematic of a watch movement and looks absolutely stunning. Then there’s the traditional Rolls-Royce click, prominently housed in the Gallery with a solid silver, guilloché case. All in all, this is one heck of a beautiful Rolls-Royce Phantom and I’m pretty sure plenty of calls will be made to Goodwood in the next few weeks, trying to snatch it up.