Starting with October 18th, 2019, BMW is premiering the FUTURE FORUM at BMW Welt. Under the tagline “Explore the future. Get inspired. Join the conversation.”, this special platform is dedicated to interactive panel discussions for shaping the mobility of the future and the cities of tomorrow. Public admission is free of charge, so visitors are invited to take place in meetings and workshops and to lend a helping hand in paving the way to the future.

In an ever-changing world, the future mobility is a key topic. The FUTURE FORUM at BMW Welt is intended as a meeting place for visitors, scientist and business representatives. Brainstorming and incubating relevant ideas to help shape up the cities of tomorrow, the way we move from A to B, the way we work and the solutions to increase efficiency and improve life quality are among the key topics to be addressed in the interactive workshops to be held at FUTURE FORUM.

With the aid of augmented reality, the innovative platform also offers visitors the possibility to experience the newest technologies and the vision of BMW Group towards future mobility. The FUTURE FORUM features a permanent exhibition, but as well exciting live formats are planned in which experts and visionaries from various different sectors and disciplines take visitors on a fascinating journey into the city of tomorrow are to be organized on a constant basis.

Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President Customer & Brand BMW, commented on the opening of the FUTURE FORUM: “With the FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt, we as pioneers on the way to the future of mobility wish to actively participate in the dialogue about sustainable solutions for the automobile and beyond. To this end, the Forum will immediately serve as a permanent platform to draw a concrete picture of future developments together with experts and visionaries.”

He further highlighted: “The FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt takes visitors on a virtual journey into the city of the future, thereby offering inspiration for thought.  The challenges we are faced with, but above all the solutions for shaping the “city of the future” are examined more closely and discussed.”

As said, the birth of the city of future and the development of new mobility technologies will be the fruit of mutual cooperation and effort by private individuals, scientists and companies. Through its dedicated events and interactive platform, the FUTURE FORUM at BMW Welt is one step closer to bringing the future into reality earlier than expected.