Just a few days ago, we talked about the newly announced Cadillac CT4-V and CT5-V. Mostly we talked about how disappointing they are, now that the most power either of them make is 340 hp from a twin-turbo V6. However, that disappointment might have been a bit premature, as two new prototypes of the Cadillac CT4 and CT5 have been officially teased, signaling much more performance ahead.

Aside from the fact that these two prototypes are going to be more powerful and higher-performance than the CT4-V and CT5-V, there’s really no other info to provide. In fact, the only detail Cadillac offered was that they both “represent the next step in Cadillac’s V-Series performance legacy.”

It’s a bit confusing, because the other two new “V” cars are steps backward in the V-Series performance legacy. So what are these new cars going to be called? We don’t know but they’re promised to be angrier, faster and louder.

The only things we can really discern from these photos are the revised front fascia and the quad exhausts. While we can’t actually see the new face, we know they both have one as they’re both covered. The quad exhaust also hint at something sportier.

As for engines and power, we have no details. We expect the Cadillac CT4 version to have some sort of twin-turbocharged V6, with BMW M3-fighting power. While the Cadillac CT5 version could have some sort of twin-turbocharged V8 and take on the BMW M5. The CT5 version could also get the new Cadillac-built twin-turbo “Blackbird” V8. We hope that’s the case, as the Blackbird V8 is the first engine is a very long while that isn’t shared with the rest of GM. It’s all Caddy and that’s cool.

So we don’t know too much about these two cars except for their existence. It’s nice to know they exist, though, as we thought Cadillac V had gone soft but now we know there should be at least one real-deal performance machine coming from America soon enough.