Late last year, the man in charge of International Corporate and Special Sales over at the BMW Group, Martin Thiel, decided to call it quits and retired from the position. This month the position will be filled once again and the Bavarians chose Uwe Holzer to take up the reigns. He will officially take up the role of Vice President after gather many years of experience in the automotive industry, having previously led teams of people from other angles.

Holzer has been leading the group of BMW branch offices based in central Germany for quite some time now, including those in Darmstadt, Kassel and Frankfurt, which together are responsible for 20,000 vehicles a year. Even before than, Holzer held a number of management positions at leading BMW branch offices across Germany. Having been a BMW employee since 1992, the new VP did gain experience outside of Germany as well, having occupied the position of area manager in Dubai between 1998 and 2001.

In the new position, Holzer will be handling worldwide sales of and global frame contracts for corporate clients, governments, international organizations and diplomatic corps. Special and security vehicles will also be under his direct supervision. In total, corporate and special sales is responsible for approximately one in every four vehicles sold by the BMW Group. Thanks to the company’s worldwide sales network, this division can offer customers tailor-made solutions for the specifics of each country.

“With Uwe Holzer we have a dedicated sales man on board who really understands our customers and their needs. He will drive the corporate and special sales business forward with focus and efficiency, thereby contributing substantially to the BMW success story,” said Dr Günter Niedernhuber, Senior Vice President Strategy, Processes, Steering. Let’s all just wish him good luck as the current trends obviously show a troubling future for the automotive field.