It’s no secret that BMW will be replacing the current BMW 1 Series hatchback with a new one based on a *gasp* front-wheel drive architecture. Despite the current 1 Series being a fan-favorite, being that it’s the only rear-drive hot-hatch on the market, BMW will be replacing it with a front-wheel drive version. That still upsets some fans but we have confidence that the Bavarians will deliver a fun driving experience, after having driven its X2 and MINI models. If you’re in the camp of excited BMW fans looking to maybe put one in your driveway, Autocar recently detailed some of the models that will be available.

Obviously, there will be a suite of both petrol and diesel models. Diesel models will apparently all use 2.0 liter turbo-fours in different states of tune, such as: BMW 118d (148 hp), 120d (187 hp) and M135d (228 hp/368 lb-ft). All cars will likely come with front and all-wheel drive variants, though the M135d is going to be all-wheel drive only.

As for the petrol models, there will be one 1.5 liter turbocharged three cylinder model, the BMW 118i, which will make 138 hp and 162 lb-ft. After that, the rest will have 2.0 liter turbocharged four-pots in different states of tune, as follows: BMW 120i (187 hp/206 lb-ft), 125i (221 hp/228 lb-ft ) and the 130i (261 hp/280 lb-ft). Autocar doesn’t list a BMW M135i, a petrol-powered M Performance model, but we do expect one to exist alongside the M135d, likely using the same 302 hp engine as the X2 M35i.

The next-gen BMW 1 Series hatch might not be as thrilling to drive as the outgoing car, as it will lack its predecessor’s ability to slide through corners, but we expect it to be great overall. Thanks to its new FAAR front-drive architecture, BMW will be able to not only offer more interior/cargo space but also more interior luxury and quality. Plus, BMW has proven it knows a thing or two about making fun front-wheel drive cars. So we expect the new 1er hatch to be a fun-to-drive, practical and affordable BMW, regardless of its drivetrain. And with several new models, there’s one for a variety of budgets.

[Source: Autocar]