Upclose with the new 2019 BMW X4 M

BMW X4 M | February 15th, 2019 by 21
2019 BMW X4M live photos 09 830x553

Live from Palm Springs and The Thermal Club, we bring you the first real life photos of the new 2019 BMW X4 M. We actually had the chance to see car in person, fully unveiled, along with the X3 M, of course, but unfortunately the prototype cars we were given rides in, still featured a light camouflage.

Regardless of that, the photos should give you a good look at the design and proportions of the X4 M. Filming the interior of the car was also off the table for now, for various reasons, but first impressions are quite positive – A high quality, premium cabin that doesn’t forget or ignore its sporty roots.

2019 BMW X4M live photos 01 830x668

The ride impressions are also under embargo, so we will have to wait till early summer for the proper reviews.

Powering the X4 M is the new S58 engine, an M-tuned version of the ubiquitous B58 engine. A forged crankshaft, 3D-printed cylinder head, new wide-arc sprayed iron coating for the cylinder walls and a closed-deck design create a more durable and freer-revving engine than just the standard B58. A new air intake as well as two mono-scroll turbochargers — one for cylinder 1-3 and one for cylinders 4-6 — now help the engine breathe better and give the X4 M 480 hp and 442 lb-ft of torque. Those are big gains from the 365 hp and 369 lb-ft of the X4 M40i.

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Debuting alongside the BMW X4 M is the Competition model, which will pack a whopping 510 hp and the same 442 lb-ft. That makes the new X4 M faster than the BMW M4 GTS was.

BMW claims a 0-62 mph time of 4.2 seconds for the standard car, with the Competition model shaving a tenth off of that.

The X4 M will start at $73,400 and goes on sale in July 2019.

21 responses to “Upclose with the new 2019 BMW X4 M”

  1. mark gill says:

    Awesome, just think how quickly you can get the kids to school, get a frappochinolate and have a round of golf…:)

    • cnet-970ad33b278bd3b05502252be3640ea5 says:

      Might need X3 for the clubs. And quick trips to Costco.

    • tom299 says:

      I’m gonna go with a M340i xDrive when my lease is up later this year.

      Sitting up high and driving in a floaty SUV (yes I know it probably handles well) is just weird.

  2. M T says:

    Who needs a launch control in a almost 2t SUV?
    Crazy development nowadays…

  3. maxnix says:

    Coming after the official BMW reveal, this is a non-essential article with no new information.

    BMWblog should not be BMW waterboy. Grow some cajones.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Confused. What’s the issue? You didn’t like the photos? Should have just ignored the car while I was there?

      • cnet-970ad33b278bd3b05502252be3640ea5 says:

        Yes, why would bmwblog be covering new BMW product reveals? Photos are great, have hardly seen any new X4 in my ‘hood, new silhouette should be hot in red.

        • Horatiu B. says:

          Sometimes I don’t get it. I don’t think many people fully understand the amount of work that goes into producing content. But I will share with them my day in Palm Springs.

          Pouring rain the WHOLE day, kinda cold, shooting with a DSLR, shooting with iPhone, filming with GoPro, doing social media postings, driving cars, tracking cars, soaking wet about 3-4 times within a couple of hours, then more shooting, more sharing…asking BMW to let us film the unveiled cars in the secret closed room, denied, shooting those camo cars…and here I am today in the airport, 4 hrs delay on a Friday after missing Valentines Day.
          But our job is awesome and wouldn’t trade it for anything else :)

          • cnet-970ad33b278bd3b05502252be3640ea5 says:

            I didn’t really understand the comment, corporate reveals are so tightly controlled (e.g., you being denied taking pix) that ANY alternative news sources are valuable. Particularly as isn’t X4 M taking BMW up into a new segment Mercedes & Porsche already dominate? Apparently Q5 is best-selling premium vehicle in my market, if this will take some of their volume X4 M will have an importance far beyond its roofline. And it seems like this article is tip of the iceberg as far as info you actually accessed wrt what’s coming down the pipeline. The local paper now publishes a lot of external syndicated material (we don’t even know where testing is done or if they’ve driven vehicles in our nasty roads & climate), so access for independent sources is even more important. bmwblog report on the market as a whole, so again, don’t really see the issue here.

          • Horatiu B. says:

            Ok, let me shed some more light on this. There is a communication plan in place with car releases and since this was a US event, some may feel that journalists having early access to the car might not be fair to everyone. Do I agree with that? No! But those are the rules for everyone and have to follow them. Did my best to capture the car in the way I did.

            We did get some amazing access at this event, saw the new X5 M and the M8 Coupe, but again, embargo so no one can really talk about it.

          • cnet-970ad33b278bd3b05502252be3640ea5 says:

            Gotta dance with the one what brought you.

          • Horatiu B. says:

            Same as everyone else. Rules are rules and it’s a matter of respect.

          • tom299 says:

            Don’t let the trolls get to you :)

          • Horatiu B. says:

            I usually ignore them all, but they often forget that it takes actual work to bring news to life :)

          • disqus_kH1AquP9s7 says:

            Do what you do and ignore the morons.

  4. JK says:

    X4M just looks so menacing in those pics, wow! This is really pulling at me! Wow! Thanks for the info and can’t wait to hear more. I am guessing if I want this by November I better get in line?

  5. neal patel says:

    Everything else is okay but everyone loves the odd look?
    It seems odd to me :(

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