I would like to share some pictures with you guys of my unique and beloved BMW Z4M roadster from 2006. I wanted a silver Z4M roadster and started my search in 2009. There are 1,425 European spec LHD roadster build from 2006 till 2008. So finding a silver one was not that easy. My car is a Z4M roadster in Titanium Silver Metallic with black leather interior.

I bought the car in 2010 in Germany from a guy who also had a M3 CSL and bought an R8 Spyder to replace his Z4M roadster. The previous owner had two set of original M3 CSL wheels and one set with semi-slick track tires and one set with street tires. He fitted the CSL wheels with street tires on his Z4M and this is how I bought the car from him. The original hardtop was also included with the car and I have kept it all those years with the car.

The S54 engine is the same engine as fitted in the E46 M3. The entire braking system from the Z4M was originally taken from the E46 M3 CSL, but it was not perfect on the M3 CSL and also not on the Z4M. When doing some spirited driving or a lap on the Nurburgring, the standard Z4M brakes quickly showed they were not up to the task.

In 2011 I fitted the car with a full set of AP racing brakes. There brakes are awesome and bring the car to a whole other level of braking and driving fun. Some time later I also fitted a Bilstein PSS-10 coiler suspension with a full corner weight alignment.

Together with some other small modification, like RTAB limiters and Vibratech engine mounts, I created my own Z4M
roadster “Evolution”.

Perfect for driving on the street and equally great for the occasional lap on a track!

I have owned this lovely car for 8 years and now the time has come to sell it and move on to something else. This is the final photoshoot to salute this awesome piece of open top motoring before it goes to a new owner.

Article by Franzino https://instagram.com/franzinodude