BMW recently launched its BMW iX3 Concept in China, showing the world that it truly intends on building a fully-electric variant of the X3 SUV. While we knew that for some time, it was interesting to actually see it in a near-production-ready form. Still, the idea of a full-EV BMW X3 seems a bit foreign, which makes seeing one testing in the wild very interesting. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

Caught on the streets of Germany, this BMW iX3 tester looks surprisingly unlike the Concept we saw in Shanghai. While that concept wasn’t really a drastic departure from the standard X3’s styling, it did have some unique touches that made it look like an electric car. This X3 tester, though? It barely seems different from a standard X3 at all. In fact, the only differences at all are the slightly lower ride height and lack of traditional grilles. Though, even the Kidney Grilles seem to retain their shape, they just won’t likely have any slats in them and will probably be completely flat.

While I first thought this might actually be a plug-in hybrid version of the X3, due to its still-existing Kidney Grilles and lack of Concept styling, the lack of functioning air intakes in the lower front fascia and the partially covered grilles indicate that there’s not a dire need for airflow, which would likely mean there’s no engine in there. There’s admittedly still a radiator behind the center lower front intake batteries do need cooling and the actual intake is probably just a carryover piece from the standard car for testing, as it still has its front sensor in it.

The BMW X3 is actually one of the most engaging and fun non-M BMWs on the road right now, so we’re excited about the prospect of an electric one. Hopefully, it packs enough range and power to be a viable alternative to a standard gasoline model for customers. According to BMW it will make 270 hp and have about 249 miles of range. If that’s true and it’s sold at a relatively affordable price, the BMW iX3 could be a killer.

[Source: Car Scoops]