The BMW X2 is finally out of the bag. The world can now see what BMW meant when they said a Coupe version of the BMW X1 was in the making. Compared to the concept that prefaced the X2, the production model kept a lot of the styling cues that wowed the crowd around the Coupe Concept when it was shown for the first time at Geneva. The video below aims at explaining exactly what sets the X1 and X2 apart and what makes the latter special.

The new X2 comes with a completely new front-end. Even though a lot of BMW fans will recognize some of the styling cues found on the X1, like the headlights, the rest is quite different. From the kidney grilles to the air intakes and actually the entire front bumper of the M Sport version, culminating with the creases on the hood, the X2 was drawn to be more aggressive. Move on to the sides and you’ll soon notice that the sloping roofline meets with the C-Pillar and a BMW roundel marks the spot. This is a rare feature on modern Bimmers, paying tribute to old Coupes dating back to the Neue Klasse era.

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The new model also brings a couple of new paint finishes to the table as well as a couple of new wheel styles that further emphasize the athletic character of the car. Compared to the X1, the X2 in M Sport guise is 10mm lower and comes with twin tailpipes at the back, to show a meaner character overall and enhance both the sound of the engine and the ride and composure on the road.

Inside the cabin you’ll recognize the same instrument cluster as on the facelifted BMW 2 Series, with white analogue dials. The interior also gets some specific options like the extended lighting with six color choices. All that and more can be seen in the video posted below, detailing the brand new X2 and its special features.