There are certain cars that people often forget about but that are actually really quite good. Cars that sold in limited numbers but didn’t really make a big buzz when new, so they were sort of glossed over by history. One such car is the BMW Z4 M Coupe, the only one of its kind.

The Z4 M Coupe was never a huge hit. True BMW fans know of it but it never really received the attention it deserved by media publications or the general public. So most enthusiasts forget about it. Which is unfortunate, as the BMW Z4 M Coupe is one of BMW’s best driving cars in recent history. Not only does it drive well but it looks cool and has a unique cabin. So when we see one for sale that looks as cool as this one does, we get a bit excited.

This specific 2007 BMW Z4 M Coupe is one of the cooler ones I’ve personally ever seen, possibly the coolest one. With only 21,000 miles on its odometer, it’s also fresh.

Painted in black with black wheels, it looks very cool. Typically, I’m not a black-on-black-on-black sorta guy but this looks pretty damn cool. It’s also not “murdered out”, as all of its lights are normal and not smoked. Still, it’s a lot of black. The only pop of color is the orange on its brake calipers, which looks pretty cool.

Inside, there isn’t a single other color. It’s a sea of black. Black leather, black trim, black steering wheel, black pedals, all black errrrthang. It’s quite awesome, actually.

But it’s not the all-black color scheme that makes the BMW Z4 M Coupe so awesome. It’s what’s underneath the skin. Powered by the ever-so-brilliant S54 BMW 3.2 liter I6 engine that makes around 340 hp and sends power through a six-speed manual to its rear wheels, through a limited-slip diff.

It’s a brilliant handling car, too. Its steering is sharp and precise, with great feel, the sort of feel you’d get from an E46 M3, maybe even better. Also, it has the perfect chassis balance and driver’s position. With such a short rear deck and long hood, it feels as if you’re sitting on the rear axle when in the driver’s seat. So the whole car feels like it’s rotating around your hips. The folks at Classic Car Club of Manhattan seem to feel that a Z4 M Coupe can rival a Porsche Cayman GT4, in terms of driving pleasure. That’s a huge statement.

This specific car is currently on sale for $53,000, which isn’t cheap. But it’s in perfect condition, has very low mileage and is a rare gem of a car. For someone who has the money for a brand-new BMW M2 or M240i, this BMW Z4 M Coupe could sway their mind. It’d sway mine.

[Source: Classic Driver]