Okay, this may be the silliest thing you’ll hear all day, we know this. But, technically, the BMW M2 is cheaper than the new London Taxi, which costs a staggering £55,599. So CarThrottle, which is based in the UK, decided it would be funny to see what other cars on the market would be cheaper to use than the new London Taxi.

Among the cars that are technically cheaper than the new London Taxi is the BMW M2. Now, the M2 has nowhere near the space of a London Taxi, nor the fuel economy. So it would actually make for a crap taxi under most circumstances. Although, it is small, easy to maneuver, easy to park and punchy enough to easily shoot gaps in traffic.

Plus, if you wanted to have some fun on your way to your destination, the driver could do some fun skids along the way. Is that possible in London? Not really, but one can dream.

The new London Taxi, dubbed LEVC TX, is a hybrid, so it’s very efficient. The BMW M2 is not so efficient, what with its 3.0 liter 365 hp turbocharged I6 engine and all. But, it sort of makes up for that by being far, far faster. The M2 could get its passengers to their destinations far quicker. Well, not really because it’s London. But at least it’s cheaper.


For £45,750, the BMW M2 is about £10,000 less than the LEVC TX. So that money can make up for some of the extra cost in fuel over time. And it’s a lot more exciting when the roads open up.

So there you have it. The BMW M2 can be had for less than the cost of the new London Taxi even though it makes absolutely no sense to use one as a taxi at all. Or does it?

[Source: CarThrotte]