Every time we mention the BMW 7 Series, it seems that a certain other car is mentioned as well. I think we all know what that other car is. It’s the Mercedes-Benz S Class, obviously. These two cars, the 7 Series and S Class, have been going at it for decades. They’ve been considered main rivals for ages now, so much so that it’s almost expected for one to be mentioned with the other. However, at least with this new generation of 7 Series, might another car be its really main rival instead?

Think about the 7 Series’ objective at the moment. It’s designed to be more technological, sportier and more stylish than its competition. None of those words describe the new Mercedes S Class. Not that the S Class doesn’t have impressive technology, good performance or style, because it has all of those things. But they aren’t its main goal. The S Class’ main goal is to be the most luxurious car on the market and it’s exactly that. But the 7 Series is meant to give you 80 percent of that luxury while providing a more thrilling driving experience and far superior technology. Something it does.

But there’s also another car that has that same objective — the Audi A8.


Now, we’re not saying definitively that the main 7 Series rival is the A8, we’re just wondering if maybe that’s a more fair comparison. The Audi A8 is definitely more glamorous than the S Class, with its crazy LED lights and massive wheels. It’s the flashy car, while the S Class is the stately car. Its interior is also much more modern and contemporary, compared to the old-world luxury of the Benz. And while the S Class is more about wafting its passengers in complete silence and comfort, the A8 has a sportier and more aggressive attitude. Sound familiar?

Now, the Audi A8 can’t match the 7 Series, in terms of technology. But that’s simply because it’s far older. The Audi A8 we have today debuted back in 2011, so the 7 Series has a solid five years on it. However, Audi has claimed that the next-generation A8, which should be debuting next year, will be the most technologically advanced car in the segment. Again, does that sound familiar?


While the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S Class might be long-time competitors and rivals, it seems that both cars are going in opposite directions as of late. Whereas Mercedes is getting back to its luxury-first roots, BMW seems to be headed in a more modern, tech and performance-oriented direction. It’s a very similar direction to where Audi has been headed with its A8 for some time.

So is it maybe time for a new rivalry for the BMW 7 Series?