When it comes to classic M cars, price tags are known to get a bit wild but then again, I guess you’d have to define what a classic M car is. Could the BMW E39 M5 be included in that select category? Well, the six-figure price tag of this particular one sure seems to point that way.

Up for grabs now at a dealership in Ohio, the Enthusiast Auto Group, it’s a BMW E39 M5 with the least miles on the odometer in the world at the moment. With just 309 miles (approximately 500 km) on the clock, this beauty perfectly defines the word “mint.”

It is equipped with virtually all the optional features you could get back in 2003 and, according to the owner of the dealership, it was kept inside an airport hangar and driven regularly to make sure everything is working. The former owner is a car collector and had the M5 from day one, with the sole purpose of selling it later on at an incredible price.

The asking price for this V8-powered monster is $149,999. Some may say the price is outrageous if you use the car as a daily or even weekend driver, but for a true car collector, this is just a piece of BMW’s fruitful history at a premium cost.

In case that price tag seems prohibitive, you might also be interested in an E46 M3 from the same collector, that has seen a bit more of the road. With 494 miles (795 km) on the clock but otherwise in a similar mint condition, the M3 is up for grabs for $99,990.

This too was fitted with virtually all the optional features you could get back in the day and it’s looking absolutely fabulous in its Alpine White finish. According to various experts, the E46 M3 will surely become a classic in the future so this would be a great investment.