With the new BMW Museum App, the BMW Museum in Munich is presenting its vision for the future of self-guided, interactive tours through the history of “sheer driving pleasure”. For the first time, this app allows smartphone and tablet users to preview highlights from the history of BMW and its products before they make their trip, while intelligent interactive technology allows them to engage more intensively with the exhibits during the visit itself. Whatever route visitors choose through the Museum, the app provides them with in-depth explanatory descriptions of the individual departments and exhibits as they move through the rooms. The audio and text commentaries are offered in seven different languages. The BMW Museum App is supplied in two versions – one for iOS and one for Android devices. It is available free of charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store since February 2016.


Spanning an exhibition area of approximately 5,000 square metres, the BMW Museum is dedicated to the past, present and future of sheer driving pleasure. Situated right next-door to the BMW headquarters, it forms one pillar – alongside BMW Welt and the BMW Group Plant – in a multidimensional brand experience. The Museum’s permanent exhibition area is divided into seven themed “house” that provide a rich and varied insight into BMW’s corporate and product history. The exhibits include more than 120 of the most prestigious and important vehicles, motorcycles and engines from the history of the BMW brand.


Using the BMW Museum App, visitors can single out the particular topics and periods from the history of the brand that they want to explore in more depth. They can then organise their tour through the individual themed houses in any order they wish. The relevant commentaries are streamed to their smartphone or tablet either in audio format or as text supplemented by images and short video clips. An interactive map allows users to orientate themselves more easily as they move between the different departments, exploring the topics that interest them most – for example motor sport or design, specific model series or vehicles from particular decades.

All content offered by the BMW Museum App is available in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.


The BMW Museum App allows BMW’s vision for the future of self-guided tours through the history of the company and its products to be enjoyed by a wide range of visitors. This digital museum guide and innovative information medium meets the needs of all age groups and will inspire visitors to engage even more intensively with those topics in the Museum’s permanent, temporary and special exhibitions that interest them most. By combining lively and engaging history with interactive digital presentation technology, the BMW Museum App mirrors the BMW Museum’s own approach to showcasing the past, present and future of sheer driving pleasure. As users make their journey through the history of mobility, the app also allows them to share their impressions via social media. It is also possible to access the latest news and events from the BMW Museum and BMW Welt.