According to a report, the new Rolls-Royce Phantom will ride on all new aluminum platform, which will also underpin future vehicles from the luxury brand. Automobile magazine says the new Phantom will be offered in both standard- and long-wheelbase forms, the coupe and convertible variants will be dropped.

Rolls-Royce’s new architecture is modular and flexible, and can be scaled up or down for a variety of different models.
The use of aluminum will allow Rolls’ cars to lose some weight, improve driving dynamics and increase fuel economy.


The all-aluminum architecture will then make its way under Rolls-Royce’s SUV, project Cullinan, which is due in 2017 and will adopt its axles, brakes, and all-wheel-drive system from the upcoming BMW X7

The British automaker is said to be planning on adding a coach-building division, which will be able to develop unique bodies and variants on commission. Kinda like bespoke on steroids.

The next-generation Phantom is set to debut next year.