Earlier today, BMW unveiled the Concept M4 GTS, the street legal racing which will arrive in the U.S. next year. BMW won’t comment on the exact number of M4 GTS models to be built, but we expect to see the final production number in the hundreds of units.

The M4 Concept GTS certainly looks the part, with its extremely aggressive aerodynamics, manually adjustable exposed carbon fiber front splitter and rear wing, Frozen Dark Grey Metallic paint and Acid Orange accents and wheels. It also has an exposed carbon fiber rear diffuser, which looks excellent housing the quad exhaust pipes.

BMW M4 GTS Concept images 1900x1200 13 750x562

Seeing the car from up close made us appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into building a race car and OLED taillights are the best lights in business. Their low installation height of just 1.4 millimeters and the ability to actuate individual light modules separately create fresh design scope in lighting concepts. OLED technology enables extra flexibility in design so we expect to see more BMWs with OLEDs in the future.

BMW says the car is close to a production form and we shouldn’t expect many changes for the car that goes on sale next year. Multiple exterior colors will be available as well, but BMW won’t comment on the options.

Production begins next year with market launch scheduled in Spring-Summer.

Here are the first videos of the BMW Concept M4 GTS: