Dirty rims are one of the biggest annoyances for many drivers. Just a few miles after your car left the car wash and the black dust starts to already settle on the wheels. Many of us carry a set of cleaning tools in our trunk just to keep them looking their best, a task that is not only time consuming but also dull.

But French developer Christoph Rocca-Sera might have found the answer to this problem. Together with some friends, he developed and patented a vacuum cleaner which is mounted directly on the brake disc to absorb the fine dust.

Yas Marina Blue BMW F82 M4 Photoshoot By Alex Stone 8 750x500

The brake dust sucker for cars comes after two years of testing. “Four renowned European manufacturers want to equip their product range,” says Rocca-Serra. Who are these manufacturers, he will not tell. “Innovations are first installed in the premium models,” he says with a smile. Behind him in his Paris office, the Tallano brochures show BMW and Mercedes cars.

“The first cars will come on the market at the end of 2016,” promises Rocca-Serra.

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The idea of ​​the French inventor is as simple as it is ingenious and it can be used in the future not only in cars, but also in underground trains and other vehicles. The small container of the “vacuum cleaner” has to be emptied approximately every 20,000 kilometers, depending on driving style.

The video below shows how the technology works: