Alexander Bilgeri, VP of Corporate Communcations, BMW of North America, and Scott Hughes, Trustee for the BMW Car Club of America, finished a demanding, four-day tour of Italy starting in Brescia in the north and visiting cities far and wide. The event rookies finished 85th of 452 in their 1939 BMW 328 Mille Miglia Roadster, the same car that in 1940 finished fifth overall behind its sister car, a coupé, that won the race.

“Italy is the only place where policemen greet you and encourage you to speed, to drive in three lanes on a two-lane street, and to run red lights,” remarked a tired but happy Alexander. “Then you come into the cities and small villages and the crowds are all cheering for you, from the little babies to the 90 year-old ladies. There is so much emotion and there’s no other place this could happen but in Italy.”



Scott Hughes, who is promoting a teen safety program for the BMW CCA, added, “What makes it incredible, besides the awesome cars that we’re getting to drive from BMW, is the people. The people are just everywhere, it’s just such an astonishing thing to see.”
They both finished the race exhausted, with blisters on their feet from the hot exhaust, and they never wanted it to end.  “I would love to have a chance to do it again next year,” remarked Alexander, “I’m sure we can do better.”