With the launch of the new BMW M4, the news about aftermarket exhaust systems are popping up everywhere. Simply put, these models are simply the wholly grail for  tuning shops.

This means owners all over the world are quick to opt out for an aftermarket exhaust system, wheels or aero additions.

This particular build, done by TAG Motorsports, has an Akrapovic Exhaust System installed, providing a healthy boost in performance and sound quality coming out of the 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged engine and the quad exhaust pipes in the rear.

tag m4 akro livery 1 1 750x421

But, first things first considering the aftermarket additions to this vehicle, TAG Motorsports opted for some visual modes before that. It’s an aftermarket wheel setup by MORR Wheels, a welcome addition to the Sapphire Black is this gorgeous set of 20″ MORR MS53 Wheels in their Rose Gold finish. They quickly ran a couple of test fitments and they were good to go!

tag m4 akro livery 2 1 750x421

The Akrapovic Exhaust System featured here is a setup made from titanium — with some parts cast in Akrapovic’s own foundry — it has bigger pipes than the stock exhaust, yielding lower back pressure and more power, especially at lower RPMs. This system is a completely new design and it will reduce overall vehicle weight and deliver extra power and a sporty sound, which has been tailored to highlight lower frequencies and increase the listening enjoyment. Increases in both power and torque add to the sensory experience, combined with improved agility.

BMW M4 In Akrapovic Livery By TAG Motorsports

Additionally, the look of the Slip-On system can also be further enhanced by adding titanium or carbon fiber tailpipes and the stunning carbon rear diffuser. This exhaust system first arrived at the Akrapovic HQ in United States. After a few days, it was received at the shop in Vista, California for installation. End result can be viewed at the media gallery added below. Make sure to grab a few minutes and take a look at the video posted down below as well.

BMW M4 In Akrapovic Livery By TAG Motorsports

BMW M4 In Akrapovic Livery By TAG Motorsports