JustRideIt, a custom bike shop in Melbourne, Australia, delivers an exciting bicycle based on the new BMW M4 Safety Car. The request came from Shepparton BMW who were looking for a cool bike in their showroom to mimic the colors of the M4 Safety Car.

“A local dealer saw the release of the M4 Safety Car in the MotoGP and loved the look of it,” says Dan Cox of JustRideIt. “[Dealer] sent us through some shots and asked us if we could do a bike in a similar vein. We decided to give it a go and the bike you see is what we managed. We’re a custom bike shop in Melbourne and built the bike up in around a week. Obviously a bike canvas is pretty tricky to get right as there’s not much space for getting everything you want on there! After a few designs we settled on the M stripes through the frame and fork and finished it off with a subtle sticker kit.”



According to Cox, the customer was thrilled with it and pictures do it no justice in truth! Other shops and customers are now asking for a personalized bike as well.

BMW Custom Bike Spec:

  • Frame & Fork: JustRideIt Track Frame with custom paintwork in BMW Motorsport Colours
  • Handlebar: Aero Bull Horn wrapped with white Venzo Bar tape
  • Saddle: Spyder Twin Tail Carbon Effect Nylon
  • Wheels: JRI 5 Spoke Rims in Gloss Black
  • Tyres: Freedom Bicycle Thickslicks
  • Crankset: SHUN
  • Chain: Red
  • Pedals: JRI Platform