A small camera, the BMW stand at Auto China, and you are right in the midst of it! Experience the BMW booth at home as if you were live onsite!

Joy is a unifying element. No matter what activity gives rise to it – driving, talking shop, playing or amazement. Sharing your joy with others makes it more intense. Not for nothing do we want to capture these moments of joy, to not lose them.

And joy is drive. Often, for overcoming obstacles. And often for innovations.

At BMW, among other things, always for new ways to think and get around.


For the student Jonas Pfeil, however, Joy was the trigger for a very special idea. Because – standing in the middle of the paradise of Tonga – Jonas wanted to share his joy with the world. But not just with a simple image. But with a comprehensive impression of the landscape he was currently standing in. And thus Panono was born.

With this name Jonas – now back in Berlin – along with his comrades-in-arms Björn Bollensdorff and Qian Qin, have christened their idea: a camera that shoots panoramas in a new dimension. Literally.

Because the Panono takes photographs as an interactive panorama at an over 100 megapixel resolution, using its 36 individual cameras – an altogether “full” picture. Using the Panono allows us to experience cities, countries and more as “all around” pictures.

The camera takes a panoramic image without a “blind spot”. It can be experienced as if you were floating right in the midst of the action. Because to take your pictures, you simply throw the Panono in the air!

Now joy is back in Beijing acting as a unifying element. Because for Auto China Panono and BMW have teamed up. The joint mission: to share joy in an innovative way. With you!

Because Panono will create exclusive and unique imagery for the Auto China in Beijing. You will soon be able to experience the BMV stand from various spots directly on the Internet. As if you were really there. This is a completely new trade fair experience – completely digital, entirely comprehensive.

Stay tuned, because you have never seen a BMW stand like this before!

[Source: BMWMotorshowblog]