As the world’s leading provider of online-based services in the automobile, BMW is building on its lead with additional innovative applications. The study entitled “Top global connected car manufacturers” currently confirms the outstanding position of BMW ConnectedDrive in the context of an international comparison. This study was commissioned by Vodafone and carried out by Machina Research, a leading analyst in networking.

Today, the navigation system Professional is already a benchmark for maximum convenience and information on the route to the destination. In conjunction with the next generation of the system, BMW ConnectedDrive permits a regular automatic navigation map update. The data are transferred “over the air” using the mobile SIM card installed and there are no licence charges or transmission costs for the user.


The possibility of receiving continuously updated data also forms the platform for the “fuel price search” by BMW online. On request, it displays continuously updated fuel prices at filling stations in the surrounding area, at the destination of a satnav route or at any other location in Germany. At the touch of a button, the system takes the driver directly to the filling station. From July 2014, the “fuel price search” can be called up directly using the map view of Navigation Professional.

Convenient updates for navigation maps using mobile technology.

The advanced BMW navigation systems work quickly, conveniently and reliably. The latest map material is a key factor for this process alongside the vehicle data and the signals for the GPS signal. The latest navigation maps ensure that new roads and modified traffic routes are known. These data can also be effectively included in route planning, as can information concerning matters such as changed urban boundaries. This is transferred into the onboard network for predictive energy management. In order to allow users to access the latest maps at any time, BMW ConnectedDrive is taking new pathways with the next generation of Navigation Professional. The navigation maps are automatically updated with this system, and obsolete databases have been consigned to the history books.

The SIM card installed in the car itself uses mobile technology to transfer the new map data to the vehicle without any diversion over an external data carrier and manual installation.

The system is regularly updated and this happens several times a year if a new map version is available. The progress of the update is displayed in the Control Display. Installation is convenient and completely autonomous. This system provides the latest map software as a basis for perfect navigation without any delays. During the updating process, all navigation functions are available without any restrictions. No registration is required for automatic updating and users do not have to log on to a portal.

This innovative solution is a constituent element of the Professional navigation system. There are no licence costs for customers and no charges for data transfer.