Every year, one of the highlights at the M Festival at Nurburgring is M Corso event. A day before the 24 hour of Nurburgring race, the “Green Hell” becomes available to over 200 M Festival visitors who celebrate the iconic race track in their own M cars.

And some of those M cars are quite unique. From E30 M3s to Z8 Roadsters, 1Ms and M3 GTS models, the 2013 M Corso lineup was one of the most interesting ones to date. While 1Ms and M3s weren’t really out of ordinary here, there were plenty others that stood out, like Lime Green BMW M6 Coupe, a 3.0 CSL two Frozen Red M3 and M5 models.

While two years ago we toured the “Green Hell” aboard the BMW 1M, 2013 found us behind the wheel of a BMW M6 Gran Coupe which joined the M Caravan at Nordschleife.

bmw m caravan 29 750x500

After a couple of hours of socializing and admiring each others cars, the 200 cars caravan lined up for a long lap of the most famous race track in the world. Hundreds of thousands of visitors are sitting sideline – it’s the 24 Hrs of Nurburgring weekend after all – and were cheering the special M cars on the track.

The friendly hand-waving, horn-honking parade lap at very slow speed, and while some of us were aching for some high-speed chases, the effect on the fans and the drivers was the one we all expected: a bond tied together by the love for ///M and their cars.

We managed to capture some photos of this unique experience and we already look forward to the 2014 M Festival.

bmw m caravan 24 750x500